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We have 92 Solid State Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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PhD Studentship in Nano-electronics: Deep cryogenic CMOS device characterisation and modelling for integrated quantum computing

Applications are invited for a PhD in the School of Engineering, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). This fully funded three-year PhD Scholarship would comprise the waiving of annual tuition fees, a maintenance stipend of £ 16,062 per annum, plus a contribution towards research running costs of £1,600 per annum. Read more

Negative capacitance in boracites: a structure-properties study

Boracites are a family of crystals of chemical formula M3B7O13X, with a structure composed of a framework of boron-oxygen tetrahedra, within which M and X ions are intercalated. Read more
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Electrodeposition of advanced Cu-based alloy catalysts for the electrochemical reduction of CO2 to valuable chemicals

SolDAC is an Horizon Europe project ambition is to reinvent the ethylene industry by proving (TRL4) an emerging breakthrough technology for producing technically and economically competitive, socially desirable and climate-neutral (sustainable) ethylene and co-product ethanol (C2 products) from solar energy and air. Read more

Point Defect Characterization in Energy Materials

Vacancy related point defects are of fundamental importance for a diverse range of energy materials, from fuel cell materials to fusion reactor wall materials. Read more

Characterization of Technologically Relevant Point Defects in Piezoelectric Oxide Materials

Oxide materials with a perovskite, or related, structure remain of primary importance as piezoelectric materials. They are used in applications ranging from medical ultrasound transducers to fuel injectors for diesel engines. Read more

Characterization of Vacancy-Related Point Defects in Nuclear Materials

The importance of both Fusion and Fission Nuclear Energy Technologies is growing. The materials used must be resilient to high levels of typically neutron and gamma-ray radiation. Read more

Manufacturing Magnetic Nano Structures

EPSRC funded project 3.5 years full time starting October 2022. Magnetic nanostructures can be effectively fabricated from ferrofluids via photolithography and allow for novel nano-scale geometries, properties, and applications in the fields of magnetics, energy, and materials. Read more

Experimental Studies on Quench of HTS High Field Magnets

Supervisory Team.   Yifeng Yang. Project description. Next-generation High Field Superconducting Magnets. Superconducting magnets are the primary worldwide application of superconductivity. Read more

Metallurgy and Materials International Excellence Doctoral Studentship 2022/23

The School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham is pleased to announce the call for the 2022/23 “Metallurgy and Materials International Excellence Doctoral Studentship” scheme. Read more

Novel VO2 based memristor for neuromorphic computing and AI

  Research Group: Sustainable Electronic Technologies
Vanadium dioxide (VO. 2. ) is a unique material as it has a temperature driven insulator to metal transition just above room temperature resulting in more than 3 orders of magnitude change in resistivity. Read more

Exploring Thermomechanical Properties of 2D materials

  Research Group: Intelligent Systems and Nanoscience
2D materials such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), black phosphorus, and molybdenum ditelluride (MoTe2) are among viable key materials for electromechanical applications. Read more

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