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We have 69 Statistics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Using multi-omics to discover prognostic biomarkers for Multiple Sclerosis onset and progression

About the research project. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a devastating autoimmune neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system, caused by an interplay between environmental and genetic factors. Read more

Statistics for Biologists: Leveraging user design for transcriptomics analysis

Statistics underpin the algorithms that biologists use - often with minimal statistical training. Single-cell RNA-sequencing is a cutting-edge bioinformatics field aiming to identify all the cell types within an organism. Read more

Machine Learning Approach to Identify Environmentally Friendly Alternatives to SF6 for UK Electricity Networks

Manchester is home to one of the largest electrical and electronic engineering departments in the country. Our High Voltage Laboratory makes us a place renowned for applied research, a place ranked in the top three UK universities for research impact. Read more

PhD Studentship: Towards Trustworthy AI for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems

Overview. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) are complex networked models combining both cyber (computation and communication) and physical components, which tightly interact with each other in a feedback loop. Read more

Identifying individuals at high risk of Alzheimer’s disease

BACKGROUND. Dementia affects an estimated 353,800 Australians, with up to 80% being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Despite a major research effort, an effective treatment is not available. Read more

Genetics of skin cancer

  Research Group: Statistical Genetics
BACKGROUND. Genetics, together with sun exposure, play an important role in the development of skin cancers. Our lab studies both melanoma and the keratinocyte cancers basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Read more

Design of Experiments: estimation of selected interactions in factorial experiments

Experiments with factorial treatment structure are used widely in industrial experiments and have applications in many other areas, including medical research and the horticultural and agricultural industries. Read more

Ensemble-based inference of multi-dimensional Hawkes process driven by count data

The vision of this research is to develop a novel sequential inference method for constructing a large-scale influence network from spatio-temporal count data, which could encompass an arbitrary number of events in a time interval, both as a batch and real-time data stream. Read more

Extreme Value Analysis of Certain Risk Models

Based on the extreme value analysis theory, this project will build some widely recognized risk models, discuss the relevant financial risk measurement indices, and analyze the calculation and properties of these indices. Read more

PhD Studentship - Addressing challenges in investigating causal relationships between environment and healthy ageing

Overview. This project will focus on investigating the environmental impact on disability and health conditions in older people and addressing methodological challenges related to quantitative analysis. Read more

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