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We have 21 PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Stoke on Trent

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Inheriting Erasmus Darwin’s The Temple of Nature: Family History, Evolutionary Thought, and Public Debate

The project makes a timely contribution to research on science, poetry, and evolutionary theory through Erasmus Darwin’s pioneering philosophical poem The Temple of Nature (1803) while also further exploring the relationship between Erasmus and the legacies of his grandson, Charles Darwin. Read more

Stellar mass loss and feedback from red giants to supernova remnants

Building on our expertise in the mass loss from cool evolved stars, this project aims to take the next step in the empirical determination of the launching and driving mechanisms of stellar winds, the formation of circumstellar dust, the properties of core-collapse and electron-capture supernova progenitors and the impact of supernova remnants on the ambient interstellar medium. Read more

In Search of Runaway Stars

Most stars in our galaxy move in more or less orderly orbits, but in recent decades astronomers have identified some stars that are moving considerably faster than expected; these are runaway stars. Read more

Machine-learning methods for stellar model calibration with large datasets

In mid-2022, the European Space Agency (ESA) will release new results from the Gaia mission. This third data release (DR3) will be the first one to include mass, radius and luminosity estimates for eclipsing binaries stars based on Gaia data. Read more

Finding eclipsing binary star systems and measuring their physical properties using machine learning

The study of eclipsing binary star systems is one of the most mature and rewarding areas of stellar physics, offering the unique opportunity to determine the masses and radii of distant stars using only observational data and geometry. Read more

Molecular models for III-V Quantum Mechanics

Molecular Models for III-V Quantum Dots. A funded PhD studentship for a project entitled “Molecular Models for III-V Quantum Dots” is available from September/October 2022 for 48 months under the supervision of Dr Peter D. Read more

Understanding the drivers and impacts of disproportionate policing

About this project. The continued disproportionate representation of ethnic minority groups in the UK criminal justice system presents a significant challenge and priority for police, government, and society. Read more

Design, synthesis and evaluation of next-generation nucleoside analogues

All viruses, irrespective of the disease they cause, have to replicate in order to survive. Drugs that block viral RNA or DNA replication by mimicking the natural building blocks of RNA and DNA (A, C, G, T/U) are known as nucleoside analogues. Read more

Programming Biology: Computational and data-driven design of biological systems

Synthetic biology is recognised as a game-changing field with strategic importance since it was highlighted as one of the eight great technologies by the UK government. Read more


In Dec 2019 we began an industry sponsored MRC Biomedical Catalyst project aimed at finding the best potential cartilage source for expansion of GMP chondrocytes in a Quantum® system bioreactor. Read more

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