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Biological & Medical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Swansea

We have 9 Biological & Medical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Swansea

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  Fully Funded PhD Scholarship: Scalable Advanced Nanomaterials
  Dr D Roy
Application Deadline: 10 April 2019
Start date. July 2019. Supervisor. Dr Deb Roy, Department of Chemistry, College of Science. Project overview. Swansea University is seeking a top-class candidate to undertake a PhD studentship in the field of scalable advanced nano-materials.
  Computational Engineering: College of Engineering Centenary Scholarship: Definition of the arterial contractility-regulation via multi-physics modelling approach
  Dr A Coccarelli
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
Subject areas. Computational Engineering. Project description. Cardiovascular disease accounts for 37% of all deaths in the EU (and 45% of all deaths in Europe), and the current pharmacological treatments often require a long period of development and regulatory approval, involving animal and human testing.
  DTC BIO 17 - The photosynthetic flatworm Symsagittifera roscoffensis– from autecology to biotechnology
  Prof K W Tang
Applications accepted all year round
The intertidal acoel flatworm Symsagittifera roscoffensis contains the symbiotic microalga Tetraselmis sp., which through photosynthesis can contribute as a significant (sole) energy supplier for the host.
  DTC BIO 16 - Understanding the effect of benthic bioturbation on chemical dynamics in lakes using an integrated biology, physics and modelling approach
  Prof K W Tang
Applications accepted all year round
Successful invasion by Chaoborus larvae (phantom midge) represents an ecological tipping point in eutrophic lakes where bioturbation of Chaoborus sustains internal nutrient loading, water deoxygenation and release of sediment methane.
  DTC BIO 14 - Photosynthetic regulation in the red algae Porphyridium cruentum.
  Dr C Llewellyn
Applications accepted all year round
Algae live in dynamic environment and have the capacity to regulate photosynthesis and photoregulation accordingly. Red algae are of particular interest because in addition to photosystems I and II they contain phycobilisomes.
  DTC BIO 13 - Can diet influence natural UV protection?
  Dr C Llewellyn
Applications accepted all year round
Over the past two decades the zebrafish (Danio rerio) has become an important human model in the fields of genetics, toxicology and developmental biology to study a range of human diseases.
  DTC GEO 6 - Geophysical field exploration of firn aquifers on ice caps in Svalbard, High Arctic
  Prof B Kulessa
Applications accepted all year round
In the last few years the major discovery of firn aquifers on Polar ice sheets and glaciers has led to the appreciation that hundreds of gigatonnes of water may be stored within them for years to decades, thus causing major delays in the ice masses’ contributions to sea level rise.
  DTC BIO 4 - Macroevolution of niche breadth: what determines direction of trends towards specialism or generalism?
  Dr K Arbuckle
Applications accepted all year round
Animals vary greatly in the diversity of ecological resources (such as food) they exploit, from specialists feeding on a single prey species to generalists eating almost anything they can overpower and ingest.
  DTC BIO 3 - Reptile Radiations: Investigating the Diversification Dynamics of a Diverse Animal Group
  Dr K Arbuckle
Applications accepted all year round
Reptiles represent a large animal group with over 10,000 species and a wide diversity of biological traits, including examples of model systems for evolutionary radiation and convergence (anole lizards), body size (monitor lizards), body shape (limblessness), and a range of other biologically interesting attributes.
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