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We have 21 Theology & Religious Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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Theology & Religious Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 21 Theology & Religious Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Embarking on a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies immerses candidates in the profound exploration of religious beliefs, practices, and their impacts on society throughout history and in contemporary contexts. These research-focused degrees offer students the opportunity to delve deeply into specific religious traditions, theological questions, ethical considerations, and the interface between religion and culture.

Through PhDs in Theology and Religious Studies, candidates engage in rigorous academic inquiry, employing interdisciplinary approaches to broaden our understanding of the spiritual dimensions of human experience. This path is not solely about academic pursuit; it's a journey into the heart of human belief systems, aiming to foster interfaith dialogue, tolerance, and a deeper appreciation of the diverse ways in which people seek meaning and purpose.

Why complete a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies?

A PhD in Theology and Religious Studies presents students with an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the field through original research. These programmes encourage candidates to critically examine the texts, traditions, and practices of various religious communities, exploring their historical development, doctrinal nuances, and social implications.

By addressing contemporary issues such as religious pluralism, bioethics, social justice, and the role of religion in public life, doctoral research in theology and religious studies not only enriches academic knowledge but also informs public discourse and policy. The deep analytical, philosophical, and interpretive skills developed during these degrees enable students to constructively engage with complex theological and religious questions, contributing to a more nuanced and respectful understanding of religious diversity.

In terms of employment, earning a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies opens up a range of career opportunities. Graduates often pursue careers in academia, where they can continue their research and teach future students, fostering critical engagement with religious and theological studies. Beyond the university, PhD holders find meaningful roles in faith communities, where they may serve as leaders, educators, or advisors, applying their deep knowledge to guide and enrich the spiritual life of congregations.

In the wider public sphere, their expertise is valuable in interfaith organisations, non-profits, and governmental agencies concerned with religious affairs, human rights, and cultural heritage. In addition, the skills in critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and cross-cultural understanding honed during these programmes are highly applicable in various professional contexts, including publishing, journalism, and conflict resolution.

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Spirituality, wellbeing, and care

Please ensure you check the eligibility criteria before applying to this project. The Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) is an interdisciplinary, £20M research centre at the University of Edinburgh. Read more

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Funded Studentship for Applicants with a Link to Cumbria (KEN24/MPEE/HOWATSON)

This opportunity is only available to students classed as UK students. International students are not eligible. Northumbria University is delighted to offer fully-funded three year studentships specific to applicants who have a link to Cumbria. Read more

Theology & Religious Studies PhD

At King's you will find a broad range of overlapping areas of research. Students can pursue traditional areas of study through. Read more

Understanding Cultural Legal Studies: Interrogating Legal Meanings in Artistic and Popular Culture

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Revealing Abledment: Ableism and the Body Politic

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  Research Group: Criminology and Sociology
Islamophobia has now arguably become the most ‘acceptable’ form of racism. It has permeated across the consciousness of society impacting all institutions – including academia (Chaudry, 2022). Read more

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