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We have 37 coatings PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students



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coatings PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students

We have 37 coatings PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students

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Radiation response of advanced nuclear fuel cladding materials coated with MAX phases

Project Introduction. Nuclear fuel cladding materials are the first containment of nuclear fuel (fissile material) and, as such, must demonstrate a reliable performance during in-reactor service. Read more

Bacterial biofilms, biocides and antibiofilm surfaces: Developing standardised methods to assess efficacy of antibiofilm surfaces in wet environments

Summary. Biofilm on surfaces is a widespread, multi-sector problem, with significant economic impact. Some industries, particularly those that use liquids containing nutrition for bacteria can have significant issues with formation of biofilm. Read more

Hydrogen Fuelled Internal Combustion Engines – Friction, Wear and Lubrication Challenges in a Hydrogen Environment.

Background. To help address climate change, improve air quality and meet increasingly stringent government regulations, the automotive industry is increasingly exploring the use of hydrogen as an alternative to conventional fossil fuels. Read more

Discovery of materials for enhanced PV performance (Ref NSGPVPS2023)

An opportunity for a 3.5 year PhD position supported by NSG Group towards the computational discovery of new materials to enhance the performance of PV devices and forms part of a larger collaboration with NSG around the discovery of new materials for the glass industry. Read more

Development of experimental and simulation capability for the analysis of thrust air foil bearing systems, including thermal studies

Oil-free turbomachinery (OFT) is an emerging technology defined as high speed rotating machinery operating without oil lubrication, relying instead on “air foil” bearings (AFBs, also known as gas foil bearings or foil air bearings). OFT research is motivated by technological and environmental benefits for diverse applications e.g. Read more

Responding to the cry-for-help: Exploiting disease suppressive microbes and signalling to control soil-borne crop disease

Plants and microbes have co-evolved over millions of years. Root exudates play an important role in this interaction by influencing the soil microbiome, especially the rhizobiome (those microbes that are closely associated with roots). Read more

Doctor of Engineering (EngD) - Novel laser sources for deep-UV applications (Fraunhofer and University of Strathclyde)

  Research Group: CDT in Applied Photonics
The deep-ultraviolet remains one of the last untapped portions of the spectrum in terms of wide industrial applications. This is, in part, due to the severe lack of laser sources operating in this regime. Read more
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EPSRC supported EngD: Reliable Edible Collagen Film Processing

Collagens are some of the most naturally abundant proteins and have been used for many years as edible films and coatings providing unique sensory properties where they are used. Read more

Design and development of sustainable coating for anticorrosion of metal pipes (FAC23/EE/MCE/GUO)

This is a directly and fully-funded studentship covering three years' stipend and full payment of tuition fees. The pollution from the heavy metal ions has caused serious threats to the ecobiology and human beings. Read more

GREENCDT Radiological decontamination using hydrogels

The UK faces a > 100 year, £ 140 bn challenge to decommission its historic nuclear facilities. Many of these facilities have contaminated surfaces, including both impermeable (glass, metal, paint) and permeable materials (brick, concrete) finishes. Read more

Topological insulator plasmonics

  Research Group: School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Topological insulators (TIs) are a new type of material that has recently been discovered. They have highly conductive surface states, while their bulk remains insulating. Read more

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