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We have 28 Acoustics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

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Improving photoacoustic imaging for CAR T-cell cancer therapy

This EPSRC iCase funded project builds on an existing collaboration between the University of Surrey (UoS), the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), to develop photoacoustic imaging to assist the optimisation of CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) T-cell cancer therapy. Read more

Virtual acoustic simulation for auralisation

Auralisation is the audio equivalent of visualisation – the accurate rendering of an acoustic environment such that the listener perceives the result as being natural or real. Read more

The role of vibrato in the aesthetic of blended choral singing

A fundamental aspect of good choral singing identified by performers, directors, critics and theorists is the concept of blend. Blend is a term that has essentially come to encompass all aspects of singing that lead to a sound in which no one voice is distinguishable from another. Read more

Real-time Networked based Musical Interaction in virtual immersive environments

There is a high demand for making and consuming live music over networked based systems. Virtual recording studios, performance venues and rehearsal spaces are within our technological grasp, bridging gaming technologies, low latency networking and immersive audio strategies. Read more

Interactive spatial audio rendering

Impulse response capture of acoustic spaces for convolution-based reverb is a common application in many aspects of audio and music technology practice, and there are standardised approaches that enable high quality immersive virtual acoustic environments to be created based on real-world data. Read more

Influence of listener movement on tonality and spatial quality in adaptive immersive surround sound systems

Whilst there is a significant body of work that focuses on the spatial quality and tonality of immersive surround sound systems for a sweet spot position, these qualities under a dynamic listening scenario (i.e. Read more

Improvements in headphone based 3-D audio using adaptive binaural signal processing and robust head-tracking

Design of immersive binaural surround systems requires an understanding of the perceptual cues for sound source localisation. Any source at a given angle of incidence to the head will create subtle time and level difference cues at the ears and is subject to spectral shaping due to the pinnae. Read more

Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Recent developments in low cost VR displays have led to a resurgence of research into binaural 3-D audio. Whilst a good 3-D audio experience can be given using the state of the art technologies, there are still many problems to be solved. Read more

‘Vowel matching’ in chorus singing

Modifying vowels is a common technique employed by singers when singing as a group to maximise the blended quality of the sound. Whilst there is natural variation of vowels between speakers and singers, a conscious effort is made to match the quality of vowels between singers. Read more

Nonlinear waves on graphs (PROMENTD_U23SF)

Waves can be found in almost every physical system. When the wave amplitude is sufficiently large, nonlinear effects need to be considered. Read more

Characterisation of cast austenitic stainless steels using ultrasonic backscatter and artificial intelligence

Supervisory Team: M.K.Kalkowski and T.Blumensath. Project description. Do you enjoy numerical modelling? Are you interested in the application of artificial intelligence to engineering problems? If positive, this may be the right project for you. Read more

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