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We have 46 Acoustics PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in the UK

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Combining laser and ultrasound based molecular delivery strategies for enhanced drug delivery

Overview. This project addresses the critical area of delivering therapeutics to the skin. If successful, the approach will have direct and positive consequences for the treatment of a range of skin diseases, but may also be viewed as a more generic means of drug delivery for treating a much wider range of disease. Read more

Brain rhythms and natural audiovisual speech

The main goal of our research group (Neural Oscillations in Multisensory Communication Group, Centre for Human Brain Health (CHBH)) is to understand the brain's information processing in human communication. Read more

Using nanoscale vibrations to reduce icing on surfaces

The undesired formation and accumulation of ice on surfaces (“icing”) is not merely annoying, as everyone who has defrosted their car can attest, but also potentially dangerous. Read more

Real-time Networked based Musical Interaction in virtual immersive environments

  Research Group: Communication Technologies
There is a high demand for making and consuming live music over networked based systems. Virtual recording studios, performance venues and rehearsal spaces are within our technological grasp, bridging gaming technologies, low latency networking and immersive audio strategies. Read more

Associations between baleen whales and their prey in the northern Scotia Arc

Project Rationale. Sub-Antarctic South Georgia (SG) is a marine biodiversity hotspot and was historically a very important feeding ground for whales, with >170,000 whales killed in local waters during 20th century whaling. Read more

Marine Soundscapes - finding and communicating biological signals within acoustic data collected by autonomous vehicles

Project Rationale. Our oceans are increasingly noisy due to increasing anthropogenic activities, particularly shipping. This noisiness impacts marine mammals and some fish species who rely on sound to communicate, find prey, and steer clear of hazards and predators. Read more

Earthquakes, Transforms, Mid Ocean Ridge-Understanding the Plate Tectonics beneath the oceans at the Equatorial Mid Atlantic Ridge

Project Rationale. The oceans make up 70 % of the planet, and yet they are the final frontier in understanding the inner workings of the solid earth with broad implications for climate, hazard and Earth’s evolution and habitability. Read more

Non-contact handling of small particles

In this multi-disciplinary project, the successful candidate will concentrate on non-contact handling of fine powders. We are interested in stabilisation and uniform bulk delivery of micron-sized particles with application to advanced manufacturing processes. Read more

PhD Degrees in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

Our interdisciplinary approach to research, encompassing the fields of Architectural History and Theory, Architectural and Structural Conservation, Lightweight Structures, Hydraulics and Earthquake Engineering and Dynamics and Climate Resilience of the Built Environment. Read more

Whatever the weather - effect of environmental conditions on Additive Manufactured (3D Printed) polymer parts

Despite gaining increasing attention throughout a range of industrial sectors, powdered-polymer Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes such as Laser Sintering are being held back by a lack of information about the behaviour of parts in real-life conditions. Read more

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