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We have 11 African Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK



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African Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

We have 11 African Studies PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

A PhD in African Studies gives researchers the opportunity to explore a range of topics related to the African continent, from politics and economics to history, literature and culture.

What’s it like to do a PhD in African Studies?

Africa is a vast and complex continent, home to over 1.2 billion people and 54 countries. Given its size and diversity, it is no surprise that African Studies is a sprawling and multi-disciplinary field. One thing that all African Studies researchers have in common is a commitment to understanding the continent and its people.

Below are just a few examples of the research topics that can be studied within African studies:

  • African art and architecture
  • African diaspora studies
  • African languages and linguistics
  • African religion and spirituality
  • Development in Africa
  • History of Africa
  • Literature and culture of Africa
  • Politics and governance in Africa

During a PhD in African Studies, you may have the chance to undertake field work and research, as well as travelling abroad to access specialist archives and resources. By the end of your PhD, you’ll have completed a lengthy dissertation that comprises an original contribution to the field of African Studies.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for a typical PhD in African Studies usually involve a Bachelors and a Masters degree in a related subject. You’ll also need to submit a compelling research proposal detailing your study plans.

PhD in African Studies funding options

In the UK, PhDs in African Studies are usually funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), which provides a tuition fee waiver and a living cost stipend. Depending on the programme, you may submit your own research proposal before being considered for funding, or apply for a project that already has funding attached.

It’s also possible to apply for a PhD loan to help with the costs of a doctorate in African Studies (although this can’t be combined with Research Council funding). Other options for financial support include university scholarships, graduate teaching assistantships and charities.

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