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We have 46 Anthropology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in the UK

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Buildings, Waste Networks, and the Circular Economy (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/GES/FORMAN)

Excessive waste is one of the key challenges of the Anthropocene and is inextricably linked to contemporary forms of Capitalism. To Capitalist economies, waste features as both anathema and existential requirement. Read more

Interspecies Information Systems Design (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/CIS/VANDERLINDEN)

Technology for animals is a major market, from companion animals (e.g., pet cats and dogs), working animals (e.g., guide dogs), farm animals (e.g., cows, chickens), and even wildlife (e.g., elephants, birds). Read more

Following the light: using ‘brightspots’ to avoid future forest fires

Responding to the reality of pervasive tropical forest fires is an urgent social and environmental challenge. Tropical fires emit disproportionate quantities of carbon, harm public health and human well-being, burden the economy and negatively impact biodiversity. Read more

Everyday knowledges on street dogs and public health

This student-led PhD project will investigate everyday knowledges related to street dogs and public health in India. The overarching aim is to examine non-Eurocentric knowledges of health at the street dogs-human interface. Read more

PhD Researcher (Body-Images in Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia)

The ERC funded project ‘Body-Politics. Personhood, Sexuality and Death in Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia’, based at the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester, explores the politics of late prehistoric Scandinavia (here. Read more

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Creating Our Lives in Data (Horizon CDT)

15 fully funded four year PhD studentships available to start in September 2022. Opportunities for graduates from a wide range of disciplines including computer science, engineering, mathematics, human factors, psychology, sociology, business, geography, social science, medicine/health sciences and the arts. Read more

Postgraduate Research Studentships in Social Sciences

Bring your research to life at UEA. As a Postgraduate Research student at UEA, you'll join a world-leading research-intensive university where PhD students are not just researchers, but junior academics. Read more

Climate change during the origins of civilisation

The past few thousand years provides the background to the development of agriculture and the earliest civilisations. It is also the natural context for accelerating anthropogenic modification of the Earth System. Read more

The University of Sussex and the South-East Network for Social Science (SeNSS) Scholarships 2022

Sussex hosts a vibrant community of doctoral researchers from across the social sciences, and is renowned for the quality of its innovative, creative and interdisciplinary research. Read more

Arts and Humanities studentships available at the University of Sussex via CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership

The University of Sussex and the Consortium of the Humanities and the Arts South-East (CHASE) invite applications for Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) PhD Studentship awards within and across the following fields. Read more

Climate change and wildfires in northern Canada: observations, modelling and community perspectives

Northern Canada has warmed rapidly over recent decades, at around twice the rate of global mean temperature increases. Rapid climate change is leading to extensive changes in the high latitude terrestrial environment, including observed increases in temperature extremes and precipitation patterns. Read more

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