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We have 332 Applied Physics PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in the UK

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  Acoustic sensor to characterise gas mixtures
  Dr D Vega-Maza, Dr W Afzal
Applications accepted all year round
The speed of sound is a very accurate, fast and non-destructive method to determine fundamental properties of matter [1].
  Application of High Frequency Waves to Improve Petroleum Production from Low Energy Reservoirs
  Dr R Rafati, Dr A Sharifi
Applications accepted all year round
In many oil wells the natural energy associated with oil is not strong enough to cause flow into the production facilities. In such cases, some form of artificial lift should supplement natural energy.
  Cleaning and waste management during Oil and Gas decommissioning: destabilisation of colloidal suspensions
  Dr D Vega-Maza, Dr A Syed
Applications accepted all year round
Cleaning of oil and gas facilities and management of waste streams during decommissioning require a fundamental understanding of the stability and interactions of gels, foams, emulsions and sludge between them and other materials.
  Comprehensive investigation of the chemical flooding EOR in natural rocks
  Dr J Vinogradov, Dr L Akanji
Applications accepted all year round
Chemical flooding is a promising method of EOR in both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. It is widely accepted that presence of chemicals in rock pore space results in alteration of interfacial tension between brine and hydrocarbons and rock wettability alteration.
  Continuous separation of conglomerate forming enantiomers using crystallization process
  Dr A Majumder, Dr D Dionisi
Applications accepted all year round
Enantiomers are the results of chirality or handedness of molecules which are the non-superimposable mirror images of each other.
  Dynamics and Control of soft robots - developing realistic models and control schemes to shape the dynamics of electroactive polymers
  Dr S S Aphale, Dr K Nakkeeran
Applications accepted all year round
Dielectric elastomers are soft, muscle-like actuators that have seen a great uptake in robotics. The main reasons being the improved manoeuvrability and dexterity they provide.
  Efficient simulation of the effect of mixing and flow condition on product crystal qualities in a continuous crystallizer using coupled CFD-PBE approach
  Dr A Majumder, Dr J Derksen
Applications accepted all year round
The majority of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in the pharmaceutical industries are crystals of organic molecules.
  Enhancing the performance, condition, safety and reliability of offshore wind energy infrastructure systems using optimal design, inspections, structural health monitoring and structural control
  Dr P Omenzetter, Dr P Dunning, Dr S Sriramula, Dr Amir Siddiq
Applications accepted all year round
Wind turbines are exposed to frequent structural damage increasing the cost of wind energy generation. To drive these costs down, this project will develop new automated methods for detection of structural damage to wind turbines by examining vibration responses measured by sensors attached to the structure.
  Finding optimum mixing condition in an anaerobic digester using computational fluid dynamics approach for sustainable production of chemicals and materials
  Dr A Majumder, Dr J Derksen
Application Deadline: 28 February 2019
Chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and reagents are ubiquitous in our modern society which are mainly produced from fossil fuels, e.g., petroleum and natural gas.
  Fluid flows through porous obstacles
  Prof D Pokrajac, Dr D Van der A
Applications accepted all year round
Environmental and industrial fluid mechanics problems often involve flows through porous obstacles. Examples of practical applications include flow through atmospheric and aquatic vegetation, offshore structures, buildings exposed to flooding and arrays of turbines in tidal channels.
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