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We have 80 Biotechnology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in the UK

A long (sequence) read: high throughput bacterial sequencing (LANGRIDGE_Q21DART)

In this project, Campylobacter and Salmonella isolates from diarrhoeal stool specimens will be investigated by applying high throughput HMW DNA extraction and long read sequencing technologies. Read more

Genomics of inbreeding in Seychelles warblers

In just 50 years the global Seychelles warbler population has recovered from <30 birds on a single island, Cousin, to a population of several thousand on multiple islands thanks to a combination of habitat restoration and translocation. Read more

Infectious disease mathematical modelling and cost-effectiveness analysis for reducing hepatitis C transmission in Ethiopia

This NIHR funded global research group programme is a collaborative project between the Universities of Dundee, Bristol, Addis Ababa, Gondar, Mekelle, Jimma and the Hadassah - Hebrew University, and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute and the Armauer Hansen Research Institute. Read more

The genomic basis of obligate ant/plant symbioses

I am seeking a highly motivated PhD student to join this exciting project on the genomics of mutualism dependence using ant/plant symbioses as model systems. Read more

Whole Organism Analytics using Free-Living Nematodes

AIM. This exciting EPSRC Funded project will aim to determine the physicochemical properties of the free-living nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, a free-living worm using next-generation analytical techniques. Read more

Fluorescent Nanosensors for Biological Measurement

AIM. This exciting EPSRC Funded project will be to develop and apply fluorescent nanosensors for biological measurement. This will produce an advanced platform that will optimise disease prediction, diagnosis and intervention, through developments of new understating of biological microenvironments. Read more

Mechanisms of induction of protective lung tissue resident memory cells against influenza

Influenza is a global health threat to humans and livestock and animal influenza viruses are the CDC’s top zoonotic pathogen. There is a critical need to develop vaccines that provide broad protection and decrease the need for annual immunisation. Read more

Exosome-based diagnostic device for early cancer detection

The University of Bath is inviting applications for the following PhD project commencing in January 2022. Funding is available to candidates who qualify for ‘Home’ fee status. Read more

Investigating Noise in Ageing Cellular Power Stations

PhD Project. Imperial College Mathematics. Student Background. Theoretical Physics, Mathematics/Statistics, Electrical Engineering (Biological knowledge not required) or Quantitative Biology with an interest in experiment. Read more

Funded PhD studentship in microbial ecology and evolution: Unravelling the ecology and evolution of abundant but unexplored microbes

Unravelling the ecology and evolution of abundant but unexplored microbes. A 4-year PhD studentship in microbial ecology, starting in October 2021 or in February 2022, is now open for application at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Read more

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