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Civil Engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

We have 194 Civil Engineering PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

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Nature-based Solutions for Climate Resilience

Our climate is changing. In the UK, winters are getting warmer, summers are experiencing higher temperatures, and extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall or heatwaves are increasing in frequency and magnitude. Read more
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Development of robotic printable long-life mortar system

Modern Methods of Construction has revolutionised the masonry based construction industry. Flat pack structural forms are manufactured in factory, transported to site and lifted in place, to finish medium to high rise buildings within weeks. Read more
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Assembly and Robotics Innovation in Steel Building Erection (ARISE)

This exciting project unites economists, civil engineers, computer scientists, robotics experts and safety specialists across a number of countries to consider the development and introduction of a new type of structural steel connection that is designed for rapid assembly, disassembly, and robotic assembly. Read more

Innovation systems for foundation industries

  Research Group: School of Civil Engineering
How can foundation industries collaborate to innovate towards a sustainable circular economy? This PhD project will take an innovation systems approach to support transformative change across industries such as cement, ceramics, metals, glass, paper and chemicals. Read more

Investigating the role of verified methods for enhancing trust in digital twins

The Strathclyde Centre for Doctoral Training (SCDT) in "Data-driven uncertainty-aware multiphysics simulations" (StrathDRUMS) is a new, multi-disciplinary centre of the University of Strathclyde, which will carry out cutting-edge research in data-driven modelling and uncertainty quantification for multiphysics engineering systems. Read more

Modelling and Optimisation of Urban Evacuation Procedures

Background. Evacuation constitutes the most fundamental strategy in the response to a humanitarian disaster. Key among the factors impeding evacuation is the unique traffic patterns that arise due to the sudden surge in travel demand, which contravene nominal traveller behaviour. Read more

Use of Recovered Toner Powder to Enhance Durability, Engineering and Sustainability Performance of Structural Concrete Elements

The working life of reinforced/prestressed concrete elements is often determined by serviceability limit state which is governed by the movement of harmful moisture into the structure and propagating/initiating corrosion of steel reinforcement. Read more

Use of Fungi as a Means of Producing Concrete-Like Construction Materials

Concrete is one of the World’s most ubiquitous materials. It has achieved this through its versatility, durability and low cost. However, the manufacture of a key ingredient - Portland cement – contributes 4% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Read more

On Analysis and Design of Submerged Wave Energy Devices

We invite applications for a Ph.D. position in Marine Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering at the University of Dundee, Scotland. The project aims in analyzing new generation of wave energy devices that are fully submerged, namely an Oscillating Submerged Disc, and a Wave Carpet. Read more

Modelling blood motion in deformable vessels

This project aims to introduce a novel approach in studying blood flow in deformable vessels by simultaneously considering both the fluid (blood) and the structure (vessel) through analytical and numerical approaches. Read more

Micro-Bio-Mechanical Modelling of root growth in soils

The extent and the way roots grow in the ground is known to have a fundamental impact on the growth of crop plants as well as on the resistance to lodging induced by storms. Read more

Development of a computational tool for design and analysis of floating offshore wind turbines

In recent years, significant attention has been given to the development of marine renewable energy. The offshore wind energy, in particular, has experienced remarkable growth and continues to expand world-wide. Read more

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