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We have 308 Climatology & Climate Change PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in the UK



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We have 308 Climatology & Climate Change PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in the UK

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Isotopic fractionation of cadmium during continental weathering

The burial of organic matter in the ocean is a major component of the global carbon cycle, which impacts on global climate. Recent work has indicated that the isotopic composition of the trace element cadmium may be capable of recording variations in marine organic matter burial in the past. Read more

Stakeholders’ Perceived Experience for Re-Positioning the Urban Parks: Nudging for Voluntary Services and Greener Newcastle (Advert Reference: RDF22/BL/MOS/SHAMS)

Cities contribute significantly to climate change, with a major share of greenhouse gas emission originating from urban regions. Research on urban management and climate adaptation often fails to address different context-based challenges within the overall urban management dynamics (Kythreotis et al., 2020). Read more

Hindcasting faunal distributions in the Holocene to understand interactions between ancient societies, biodiversity and climate

BACKGROUND. Faced with the urgent challenge of predicting the consequences of current and future climate change, it is imperative that we seek to learn lessons about climate-animal-human relations from the long-term records available from the past. Read more

The determinants and consequences of integrated reporting quality: An empirical analysis using worldwide voluntary adopters (Advert Reference: RDF22/BL/AFM/SOBHAN)

Every day we come across reports that business organisation fails to integrate sustainability into their core business model despite this integration is necessary to ensure sustainable returns to shareholders in the long run and accountability to stakeholders and society at large. Read more

Carbon cycling in next-generation terrestrial ecosystem models

Terrestrial ecosystems are presently removing about 25% of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activities, but the exact mechanisms and the locations of carbon uptake are still under debate. Read more

Memory in vegetation response to environmental fluctuations (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/GES/LIU)

Plants live in and respond to fluctuating environments around them. Importantly, many plant responses are not only driven by current environmental conditions, but show “memory” to conditions in the past. Read more

PhD in Geographical and Earth Sciences: Scaling up Greening the Grey and Eco-engineering Science through partnership with coastal infrastructure asset managers: creating co-benefits for science and operational practice

Do you want to do cutting edge research that is also useful for improving ecosystem services in our coastal cities and towns? Are you interested in using marine ecology and coastal geomorphology science to enhance ecosystem services on coastal engineering assets? If yes, this project will hopefully excite and appeal to you!. Read more

Understanding the role of the ocean in climate variability

A fully-funded PhD studentship is available on the role of the ocean in the climate system. The extent to which the ocean contributes to climate variability on year-to-year and decade-to-decade timescales remains largely unclear. Read more

Observations of forest carbon / ecosystem services trade-offs in the UK

Project Highlights. Satellite imagery will be used to map forest biomass stocks in the United Kingdom. Using remotely sensed data and models to monitor the status of ecosystem services such as habitat quality, recreation, timber production, biodiversity, scenic beauty, water supply and carbon storage. Read more

The Anthropocene geochemical footprint in the Great Barrier Reef

Project Highlights. Study a set of unique tropical coral cores covering up to 430 years of ocean climate history from Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef to reveal the onset of the Anthropocene in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Read more

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