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We have 1,141 Earth Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in the UK

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Moths in the Margins: Developing and Testing Tools to Determine the Protection Provided by Agricultural Field Margins

PhD opportunity based at the UK Centre for Ecology Lancaster with degree award from Cardiff University. This project will address the real-world challenge of optimising the effectiveness of pesticide-impact mitigation strategies in the field. Read more

Circulation and melting within the ocean cavities beneath Antactica’s floating ice shelves

Project Description. The protective ring of cold water that shields most of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from the warmth of the Southern Ocean is absent in the Amundsen and Bellingshausen seas, where widespread thinning of the inland ice sheet is observed. Read more

Entrepreneurship, culture, and place: the role of Entrepreneurial Support Organisations in aligning entrepreneurship and context (Advert Reference: RDF22/BL/EIS/NEWBERY)

Recent research on Entrepreneurial Support Organisations (ESOs) has highlighted the need for greater processual, longitudinal, and experimental research that examines the role, purpose, and function of ESOs in encouraging collaborative relationship in entrepreneurial ecosystems. Read more

The determinants and consequences of integrated reporting quality: An empirical analysis using worldwide voluntary adopters (Advert Reference: RDF22/BL/AFM/SOBHAN)

Every day we come across reports that business organisation fails to integrate sustainability into their core business model despite this integration is necessary to ensure sustainable returns to shareholders in the long run and accountability to stakeholders and society at large. Read more

Understanding urban crime with computational models. EMPS College Home fees Studentship, PhD in Computer Science.

Location. Department of Computer Science, Streatham Campus, Devon, University of Exeter. The University of Exeter’s College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences is inviting applications for a fully-funded PhD studentship to commence in January 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter. Read more

Using sensors, satellites and artificial intelligence to improve catchment-scale modelling and nowcasting of microbial risks to water quality

Background. Scotland’s rivers, lakes and public bathing waters provide substantial benefits to local economies and the broader wellbeing of its citizens, but these benefits can be significantly impaired where episodes of poor microbial water quality impose restrictions on recreational use of water bodies. Read more

Deep learning of ground magnetometer networks for space physics (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/MPEE/BENTLEY)

We seek a student to develop deep learning models of magnetic field changes and investigate processes in Earth’s magnetosphere. There is currently an exciting growth of machine learning methods in space physics; this research will inform future research directions and space weather prediction techniques. Read more

Caprock - Reservoir Integrity of Subsurface Storage of Hydrogen

Underground hydrogen storage (UHS) has been promoted as one of the feasible solutions to support the hydrogen economy around the world, which will make a major contribution to the NetZero targets. Read more

Hydrogen vehicles with lower cost & enhanced durability – a road to zero (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/MCE/XING)

In 2018, the UK government released its strategy in a report entitled «The road to zero» presenting new measures to clean up road transport and lead the world in developing, manufacturing, and using zero-emission road vehicles. Read more

Enhancing Urban Flood Resilience with Innovative Digital Design Technologies (Advert Reference: RDF22/EE/MCE/FENG)

In England, 3.2 million households are located in areas at risks of urban flooding, with annual damages exceeding £300 million. Due to the extreme environmental conditions, unprecedented downpours across the country in recent years further increases the flooding events on urban road network (URN). Read more

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