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We have 49 Law PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK






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Law PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

We have 49 Law PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

Being a non-native speaker in a dynamic world: Language-related policy and its effects on people's cognition, wellbeing and other aspects of their lives

PLEASE NOTE. This project is for self-funded or externally sponsored students only. It is quite common that a country or community has only one official language, or one overwhelmingly dominant official language amongst a few. Read more

Understanding Cultural Legal Studies: Interrogating Legal Meanings in Artistic and Popular Culture

Emerging out of traditions of law and literature, critical legal studies, and law and popular culture, cultural legal studies is an international field that has recently emerged at the cutting edge of the interdisciplinary study of law. Read more

Ableism, Microaggressions and the Law

Studies in Ableism (SiA) is now a recognised sub-specialism of critical disability studies and focuses on ways that abledment (the process of being/becoming ‘abled’) is located within societal processes and practices. Read more

PhD in Business and Law at the University of Brighton

For some time now, the university’s School of Business and Law’s mission and vision has been to advance, support and shape responsible enterprise for a fairer society through education, research, collaboration and thought leadership, to prepare learners for practice and to promote inclusive practices that respect diversity. Read more

Law PhD

Join a vibrant research community, a supportive environment, and many opportunities to engage critically with academic research and contemporary issues. Read more

PGR Opportunities at University of Strathclyde 2024

Founded in 1796 as a ‘place of useful learning' the University of Strathclyde is a leading technological University based in the heart of Glasgow. Read more

PhD (School of Law) Doctorate

Study a PhD at the University of Bradford and contribute new and significant knowledge to the field of law. Why study a law PhD?. Read more

Island Nations Going Under: Submerged Statehood, Legal Protections Beyond Refugee Status.

Anthropocentric climate change exhibits asymmetric impacts on specific States, particularly those that endured economic, social, and political exploitation during the colonial era and underwent extensive fossil-fuel-based industrialisation. Read more

International Refugee Law

The 1951 convention relating to the status of refugees and its 1967 protocol make a claim to universality, not just in aspiring for universal ratification (about ¾ done...) but in crafting a general definition of a 'refugee' which, in principle, should be similarly construed irrespective of their country of origin or indeed the country in which they seek asylum. Read more

Gender and Citizenship

In recent years there have been many important legal changes intended to enable everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or other intersectionality factor to have equal access to full citizenship. Read more

UN Peace Operation Futures

United Nations (UN) peace operations are increasingly deployed to challenging situations of ongoing conflict with lofty expectations of being able to stabilise conflict zones, achieve national reconciliation, and rebuild state legitimacy. Read more

Evaluating the Just Transition to effect policy change

It is an undeniable fact that the world faces environmental and climate crises of epic proportions. What is also clear to see is the social and political impacts of these crises across states and societies. Read more

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