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We have 500 Molecular Biology PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

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Noise-induced transitions in gene regulatory networks

Our world is full of noise sources at different spatial and temporal scales. The temperature and sunlight changes day to night. A receptor protein interacts with its target molecule undergoing Brownian motion. Read more

Role of APC/C subunit post-translational modifications on the function of the APC/C in mitosis

The APC/C is a large macromolecular E3 ubiquitin ligase, that, through targeting protein substrates for polyubiquitylation and 26S proteasome-mediated degradation coordinates the progression of cells through mitosis (1, 2). Read more

Viral regulation of host cell DNA damage response pathways

Human adenoviruses are small non-enveloped viruses and possess a linear, double-stranded DNA genome. Adenovirus has long been used as a tool to dissect the molecular basis of key biological processes such as growth, differentiation and death. Read more

Geological Fate and Impact of Isosaccharinic acid (Geo-FISA)

About the Project.  The nuclear fuel cycle has generated higher-level radioactive wastes that will be disposed of in a deep geological facility (GDF) that will provide multiple barriers to the migration of radionuclides to the surface over prolonged timescales (tens of thousands of years). Read more

In situ HDX-MS of membrane protein-ligand interactions

The project aims to develop an HDX-MS workflow to profile ligand-membrane protein interactions. The identification of hits with high selectivity constitutes an important landmark for the design and development of novel therapeutics. Read more

Examining the mechanisms that cause cardiovascular disease by studying the heart or adipose tissue

Heart failure has a serious impact on our society and once diagnosed has a poor survival rate. In the United Kingdom, there are about 1.5 million people living with the after-effects of a heart attack. Read more

Exploring the Molecular Mechanism of Novel Mitochondrial Neurotoxins identified through a Machine Learning Approach

Mitochondrial inhibition is an important ‘OFF-target’ mechanism of drug-induced toxicity in the clinic, contributing to drug attrition in clinical trials and drug withdrawal following approval because of severe adverse events 1. Read more

Identifying novel ways of producing keratin proteins and resultant sustainable textile fibers

Applicants are invited to apply for a fully funded PhD programme to carry out a feasibility study to identify novel ways of producing recombinant keratin proteins and resultant sustainable textile fibers. Read more

Fully Funded MSc by Research in Cardiovascular and Diabetes Medicine: Role of hyaluronan receptor, RHAMM in metabolic regulation in obesity

The North-East Scotland (NES) Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research Alliance Masters Training Programme (MTP) in cardiovascular and diabetes medicine is an exciting new MTP that will expand interdisciplinary cardiovascular and diabetes research between. Read more

Synthetic transition metal catalysts for the treatment of cancer

Working the interfaces of chemical catalysis, analytical chemistry, cellular biology, pharmacology and medicine, this project provides unique interdisciplinary training in the skills required for the development of a pre-clinical metal-based therapy. Read more

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