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We have 16 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

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What does the future hold for European shelf seas ecosystems?

Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) content has been increasing from the industrial revolution onwards, predominantly due to the combustion of fossil fuel that had trapped the carbon deep underground and away from the atmosphere. Read more

Enhancing Urban Flood Resilience with Innovative Digital Design Technologies (Advert Reference: RDF22-R/EE/MCE/FENG)

In England, 3.2 million households are located in areas at risks of urban flooding, with annual damages exceeding £300 million. Due to the extreme environmental conditions, unprecedented downpours across the country in recent years further increases the flooding events on urban road network (URN). Read more

Exploring reactions under stress in the mantle using mineral analogues

Convection in the Earth’s mantle controls Earth evolution. Different mineral assemblages occur at different depths in the mantle and variations over short distances are detectable as seismic discontinuities, thus providing key information on mantle conditions. Read more

Award details Award details Nutrient impacts on reef endolithic communities and parrotfish feeding, Geography – MSc by Research (Part-Funded)

Location. Geography, Streatham Campus, Exeter. The University of Exeter’s College of Life and Environmental Sciences is inviting applications for a fees only MSc by Research studentship funded by the Bertarelli Foundation to commence 26 September 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter. Read more

BBSRC supported BARIToNE Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP) PhD programme

The Barley Supply chain has come together to form the International Barley Hub (IBH) in order to collaboratively drive research priorities that will impact the sustainability of barley production over the course of this century. Read more

Six fully funded studentships are available in the Global Challenges Centre for Doctoral Training

The Global Challenges Centre for Doctoral Training provides a stimulating interdisciplinary environment for students to research a key global challenge. Read more

University of Reading PhD Opportunities

Each year, the University of Reading awards over £8 million of funding in research studentships to home/EU and international students and these great opportunities are open to high quality students for funded research in a wide range of subject areas. Read more

Climate change influences on landsliding in the British Isles

Climate change predictions for the British Isles generally indicate that there will be higher winter rainfall in future, but with more frequent high intensity rainfall events at any time of year. Read more

Improved understanding of the Vaiont landslide based on refined modelling using updated geological information

The Vaiont landslide occurred in 1963 in northern Italy and has perplexed researchers ever since. Recently, however, new geological information and interpretations have led to an entirely new framework for understanding the event. Read more

Doctoral research opportunities in science and technology at Sheffield Hallam University

Our research aims to develop innovative, practical solutions to real world problems. We welcome applications for research degree study across our areas of research strength in science and technology. Read more

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