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We have 266 Physics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

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Phase transitions and self-assembly of protein in biological fluids

The project. The ability to control the self-assembly of biological molecules to form defined or functional structures with a high degree of predictability is a central aim for soft matter science and synthetic biology. Read more

High Temperature Superconductivity: Competing order

The project. High temperature superconductivity has the potential to transform use of electrical power, enabling low carbon technologies such as fusion reactors and electric airplanes. Read more

Heavy fermion thin films

The project. Bulk crystals can display heavy fermion behaviour, where the effective mass of mobile carriers can be up to 1000 times larger than the bare electron mass due to electron-electron interactions. Read more

From maximal to minimal dissipation. A new paradigm in superconductivity

The project. A new class of superconducting materials has emerged that host a metallic (resistive) state that fails to conform to the standard models of metallic behaviour, displaying strong signatures of incoherent transport. Read more

TRANSFER: Targeting Synthesis Routes and Novel Materials from Sustainable Flow Processing

In this highly collaborative theme based both at the University of Nottingham and University College Dublin, we are looking for students in Engineering, Chemistry and Physics and related disciplines. Read more

HeatToPower: New Generation Sustainable Thermoelectric Materials and Devices

The EPSRC and SFI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Sustainable Chemistry. Atoms-2-Products is offering 48-month PhD studentships associated with materials synthesis and characterisation in its thematic area “HeatToPower. Read more

Cosmological Modified Gravity simulations with massive sterile neutrinos

This project would involve setting up a large (>100 Mpc) cosmological simulation in the Modified Gravity (MOND) framework, but supplemented with 11 eV sterile neutrinos to make up the same total dark energy and matter density as in the Lambda Cold Dark Matter (ΛCDM) cosmology. Read more

Next generation components for quantum communications

The. Single‑Photon Group. at. Heriot‑Watt University. offer a four year fully funded PhD position examining aspects of quantum communications, including quantum amplifiers and quantum random number generators. Read more

Studentship: Wake modelling of offshore wind turbines in non-neutral atmosphere

The inevitability of climate change1 and net–zero policies across the globe are urgently promoting the need for renewable energies – wind energy is so far the most cost effective – hence, its production will have to increase drastically in the next decade2. Read more

Perovskite Radiation Detectors

  Research Group: Radiation and Medical Physics Group
New technologies for digital X-ray sensors are currently revolutionising many aspects of public health and security, from medical imaging systems to the latest “3D” X-ray scanning technology used in airports. Read more

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