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Polymer Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

We have 79 Polymer Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK






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We have 79 Polymer Chemistry PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

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PhD in Sustainable Polymer Synthesis

The design and synthesis of new, sustainably sourced polymers and plastics presents a major challenge that would enable the transition to a sustainable plastic future. Read more

PhD in Predicting the environmental degradation of plastics

Understanding how plastics and polymers degrade in the environment is an important sustainability target. Our work in this area use innovative analytical techniques and simulated environments to understand how specific plastics degrade in different environments. Read more

PhD in Depolymerisation of Plastic Waste

Creating catalysts that can rapidly depolymerise plastic waste into added value small molecules is an important research target. Our work in this area are focused on expanding the catalyst design to make them more active and selective and to broaden the substrate scope. Read more

The synthesis of microporous polymers for use in highly selective membranes

Project Summary. The research programme will involve the development of Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs) for use as materials for the fabrication of separation membranes. Read more

Coatings of Anammox Bacteria for Nitrogen Removal from Contaminated Water

Nitrogen, in the forms of ammonium and nitrates ions, is a serious problem in the UK and elsewhere in water being discharged into the environment because it can harm aquatic ecology and detrimentally affect human health. Read more

Molecular Imaging of Conjugated Polymers

A funded PhD studentship is available in the group of Prof. Giovanni Costantini at the University of Birmingham to work in the field of molecular imaging of conjugated polymers. Read more

Novel additives to enhance the performance of low carbon cements for a Net Zero future

The University of Sheffield Energy Institute has a number of EPSRC-funded studentships available, in line with the Institute’s remit to carry out interdisciplinary research across the area of energy. Read more

Green Flow Nitration of Bacterial Cellulose

An opportunity is available to undertake a fully-funded PhD in green chemistry. The project, in collaboration with AWE, will explore novel methods for the production of nitrocellulose. Read more

Modulation of Protein Function using Molecular Imprinting

Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) are simple, elegant biomimetics that incorporate binding sites bearing steric and chemical functionality complementary to a given target. Read more

Targeted nanoparticles for high-dose intracellular delivery of antibiotics

Supervisory Team:  Nick Evans, Sumeet Mahajan, Seung Lee, Tracey Newman. Project description. Many bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics, and so new treatments and strategies are required. Read more

Fundamental studies and applications of polymer mechanochemistry

The group’s core expertise is in polymer mechanochemistry (.,. an emerging area of science at the interface of chemistry, physics and engineering. Read more

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