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Pure Mathematics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

We have 13 Pure Mathematics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK






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We have 13 Pure Mathematics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in the UK

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Algebraic groups and Lie algebras

The University of Birmingham is well-known for its research into group theory, Lie theory and representation theory. The School of Mathematics has a vibrant and productive postgraduate environment that promotes research at the highest level. Read more

Group Theory: Fusion systems

In finite group theory and in representation theory the local to global principle relates properties of certain subgroups of a group G to the structure and representation theory of G. Read more
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Dynamic Reconfiguration of Algebraic Compositions

Project Description. Abstract computation devices can be composed together algebraically using well-defined operators, in order to build new units of the same type that perform more complex behaviours. Read more

Tropical Optimization

Tropical algebra is linear algebra developed over the max-plus semiring (extended real line endowed with tropical addition `a+b'max(a,b) and tropical multiplication `ab'a+b). Read more

Development of multi-scale in situ approaches to understand hydrogen embrittlement of engineering alloys at cryogenic temperatures

Project Abstract. Hydrogen is an essential part of the future of net zero emissions. Cryogenic tanks and distribution pipes are used to store and transport/distribute liquified hydrogen at cryogenic temperatures as demonstrated in space industry and will be used in future hydrogen economy. Read more

Set theory: large cardinals, forcing, and their applications

  Research Group: School of Mathematics
ZFC set theory is the most widely used foundation for mathematics. With this standard framework precisely articulated, it is possible for us to explore what goes beyond it. Read more

Categorification in representation theory (MIEMIETZV_U23SF)

This PhD project will investigate questions surrounding categorification in representation theory. Categorification has led to many breakthroughs in representation theory in the last 15 years. Read more

Model theory in positive logic (KIRBYJ_U23SF)

Model theory is traditionally done with “classical first-order logic”, the logic which allows unlimited use of the operators AND, OR, NOT, with the EXISTS and FOR ALL quantifiers. Read more

Random dispersive and wave equations

The central theme of this project is the mathematical analysis of nonlinear dispersive partial differential equations (PDEs), such as the nonlinear Schrödinger equations (NLS) and the nonlinear wave equations (NLW). Read more

Fully Funded PhD Studentships Available in Mathematics at King’s College London

The Department of Mathematics at King's College London invites applications for PhD students to start in October 2022. There are a number of fully funded studentships available for excellent candidates. Read more

Research opportunities in Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at York offers a thriving research environment in which to study for a PhD or MPhil. We combine world-class mathematical and interdisciplinary research with high-quality teaching. Read more

PhD opportunities in Mathematics at Brunel University London

Are you ready to address problems of real biological or engineering importance? Or perhaps investigate the underlying mathematical and phenomenological processes of societal issues?. Read more
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