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Biochemistry PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in York

We have 8 Biochemistry PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in York

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  Increasing the potency of biomaterials for tissue growth
  Dr C Spicer, Dr D Lagos
Application Deadline: 1 May 2019
Materials that can trigger the regrowth and repair of damaged biological tissue have the potential to revolutionise how we treat disease.
  Engineering Enzymes for the Preparation of Pharmaceutical Amines
  Prof G J Grogan
Application Deadline: 15 April 2019
Chiral Amines are found in a large proportion of currently administered small molecule drugs.
  Engineering bacterial therapeutics with enhanced metabolic properties
  Dr G H Thomas, Dr J P J Chong, Dr D Heeg
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
Our understanding of the human gut microbiome is increasing at a rapid pace, to the point where important metabolic interplay between components of the community are now understood.
  Inhibitors and probes for carbohydrate-active enzymes
  Dr L Willems
Applications accepted all year round
The field of chemical biology aims to design and synthesize chemical tools (such as inhibitors, substrate mimics, or enzyme probes) to answer fundamental questions in biology.
  Cooperative, non-specific binding and aggregation in protein/RNA interactions: Beyond stoichiometry, specificity, and discrete binding sites
  Dr S Shimizu, Dr M Plevin
Applications accepted all year round
Interactions between biomolecules are typically considered to be both specific and stoichiometric. Even in cases of multiple binding sites, cooperative binding models have been successful in reproducing the sigmoidal binding curves seen in experiment (e.g., hemoglobin).
  Engineering Enzymes for Industrial Biotechnology
  Prof G J Grogan
Applications accepted all year round
Our research group is interested in the identification, characterization and application of enzymes of interest to biotechnology.
  Automated synthesis of oligosaccharides
  Dr M A Fascione
Applications accepted all year round
Carbohydrates play important roles in a number of biological processes including tumour metastasis, bacterial and viral recognition, and the immunological response.
  Conformational dependence of glycan geometry in protein glycosylation: applications for macromolecular refinement in atomic structure determination by X-ray crystallography and electron cryo-microscopy
  Dr J Agirre, Dr K D Cowtan
Applications accepted all year round
Proteins are composed of 20 individual building blocks, the L-amino acids, linked together by a largely inflexible amide bond.
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