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We have 29 Zoology / Animal Science (birds) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships



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We have 29 Zoology / Animal Science (birds) PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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The biology of Mesozoic birds

Project Rationale. The Mesozoic bird Confuciusornis sanctus lived in one of the most complex ecosystems of the Early Cretaceous, alongside many dinosaurs, but its life history today remains poorly understood. Read more

ACCE DTP fully funded studentship - A global analysis of the effectiveness of Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas for conserving the world's birds

A major challenge for conservation is to identify important sites to efficiently safeguard biodiversity. The largest systematically identified network of important sites for conserving species is BirdLife International’s Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) network. Read more

Assessing the global impacts of island bird extinctions

Islands have long fascinated and inspired ecologists and biologists given the large amounts of diversity they support (20% of global species in 3.5% of the land), including large numbers of unique endemic species found nowhere else. Read more

QUADRAT DTP: Multitrophic responses to multitrophic conservation interventions: non-target species responses to biological eradications on an island

Non-native alien species are one of the main drivers of biodiversity loss, especially on islands. Eradication of such species, although controversial, remains the only effective means by which to prevent extinctions and restore native island ecosystem functioning. Read more

Determining favourable conservation status for the UK’s birds: creating population targets to conserve biodiversity

Background.  The conservation of species in the current biodiversity and climate change crises requires the setting of population targets for species of conservation concern, in order that actions can be taken to ensure and retain healthy populations. Read more

Social behaviour and population biology in birds

Life on earth is fundamentally dependent on cooperative interactions among biological units. These social interactions may take the form of cooperation among genes or cells within organisms, between individuals within cooperative societies, or, in human societies, cooperation at an international or global scale. Read more

The role of sexual signal evolution in avian speciation

*** Fully funded PhD position to work on an exciting project studying the evolution of sexual signalling traits and drivers of speciation across the global radiation of birds. Read more

NERC-funded PhD studentships: Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London

The Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet (SSCP) Doctoral Training Partnership integrates six host partners and several business and policy sector partners, to offer an exciting programme that trains and inspires the next generation of environmental experts and leaders to address some of the toughest challenges of our time. Read more

Harnessing technology to monitor and enable wild-type behaviour in captive parrots

Parrots (order Psittaciformes), are key species in tropical ecosystems around the world. They are important determinants of plant species richness (through seed dispersal and predation) and may play a role in pollination of trees. Read more

Environmental Effects on Inbreeding Depression (Distance Learning Project)

Background. Inbreeding is an important issue in evolutionary biology and ecology because of its profound implications for genetic variation and the evolution of mating systems and reproductive strategies. Read more

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