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  Fully-funded PhD positions in several natural sciences & engineering disciplines
Join an internationally renowned scientific community with the Hector FellowPhD program. PhD students benefit not only from the experience of the program, but also from the network of Hector Fellows.
  Signalling pathways controlling the generation of the pharyngeal arches
  Prof A Graham, Dr E Bell
Application Deadline: 4 March 2019
The pharynx is an important region of the body that is involved in many key processes including feeding, respiration, immune and endocrine activities.
  PhD position on dynamic modelling of animal behaviours using machine learning, intelligent sensors and computational ethology
  Dr T Norton
Applications accepted all year round
The laboratory of Measure, Model, Manage Bio-Responses (M3-BIORES) is a world-leading research laboratory focussing on real-time monitoring and management of animal behaviours.
  Climate change impacts on cold-adapted butterflies: discovering the mechanisms and testing potential mitigation approaches
  Dr R Menendez
Application Deadline: 27 January 2019
Cold-adapted species, including those restricted to mountains, are highly vulnerable to climate change. For UK butterflies, cold-adapted species are similarly threatened by climate change mediated decline, with some species demonstrating range retractions concurrent with recent warming.
  Implications of coral reef degradation for fisheries
  Prof Nick Graham
Application Deadline: 27 January 2019
Around six million people fish on coral reefs, and the fish they catch provide critical sources of protein, micronutrients and income for many millions more.
  An integrative approach to studying cooperation and conflict in the highly social cichlid fish, Neolamprologus pulcher
  Dr A Reddon
Application Deadline: 14 February 2019
I am looking for students with excellent CVs (first class degree and/or distinction at Masters level, plus relevant experience and/or publication success in peer reviewed journals) to apply for a competitive 3 year doctoral scholarship in the school of Natural Sciences and Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University (
  Impartial third party interventions in wild chimpanzees
  Dr N Koyama
Application Deadline: 18 February 2019
Applicants are invited to apply for a project that will be in competition for funding for an internal university award. The outcome of the application will be determined by several factors including the quality of the candidate.
  Dog-Human Cooperation – A Comparative Approach
  Prof S Schweinberger
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
Cooperation, defined as a behaviour that is beneficial to another individual or to several individuals involved in a task, is characteristic for humans, but also for domestic dogs.
  Functional morphology and variability of the auditory system - frameworks in the search for human speech evolution
  Dr A Stoessel
Application Deadline: 31 January 2019
The capacity for vocal communication using speech is a unique characteristic of modern humans and its origin during human evolution remains obscure.
  Linking sex-specific adaptation to the evolution of infectious disease
  Dr M Hall
Applications accepted all year round
The science that guides our understanding of health and infectious disease routinely overlooks the pervading impact of sex.
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