Audience Extension Programmatic campaigns

Re-target the highly valued FindAPhD audience across the web, with our Audience Extension Campaigns - allowing you to target our users while they are off-site. We can target users based on subject area interests, informed by their searches on our site.

Let us know who you’re looking to reach, your budget and how long you would like the campaign to run and we can let you know how many impressions we can serve. All our programmatic campaigns are served against brand-safe domains that are fully categorised, if the content is considered not brand safe, we don’t serve against it.

  • The only way to reach our targeted & engaged audience of prospective postgraduate students off-site.
  • Advanced targeting available, including geographic location & subject area interests.
  • Committed to providing brand-safe campaigns.

Bespoke pricing

As these adverts are delivered according to specific client needs, please enquire to discuss pricing in more detail.


We recommend the following 4 advert sizes for our Audience Extension campaigns:

320 X 50 300 X 600

728 X 90 300 X 250

These can be supplied as .gif files with links to your landing page, or HTML5 tags.

Creative design service

Stuck for time? We can also design your creatives for you.

4 advert sizes:

£250 for .gif format

£400 for HTML5, including hosting

Do you have a question about advertising on FindAPhD?

Please give us a call or drop us an email anytime. Our friendly team are always happy to hear from you!

Tel: +44 (0)114 213 4333


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