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Best of 2019 - Our Most Popular International Blogs This Year

As we come to the end of 2019, we’ve decided to take a look at our most read blogs of the year. We hope that you are enjoying the festive period and making the most of your time off!

This year, we’ve seen the expansion of the post-study work visa scheme and further Brexit guarantees for EU students. But, here on FindAPhD, the hot topic of 2019 seemed to be PhD study destinations around the world, with a sprinkle of PhD funding – from tips on where to go on a budget, to English-speaking countries for PhD study. So, let’s take a look at our top five.

#5 PhDs in the USA vs the UK

As two of the most popular postgraduate study destinations, it’s not surprising that it’s difficult to decide between the USA and the UK for your PhD study. And so, it’s no wonder that this blog from an international student who has experienced both was very useful!

#4 English-language PhD destinations

Doing a PhD is one thing, but doing a PhD in a country where you can’t speak the native language is another. This blog allowed you to broaden your PhD search to include these countries where surprisingly, English is widely spoken.

#3 PhD study, for free (or very little!)

Many people think a PhD is unaffordable, but as long as you know where to look (and stay tuned with FindAPhD) you can find plenty of opportunities and places that make your studies more achievable. This blog sheds some light on some countries that offer PhD study for free, or next to nothing, that you may have overlooked in your PhD search!

#2 PhD study in Europe

From bodyguards to the origins of the PhD, this blog highlights 11 things about PhD study in Europe that you may not have been aware of, and at spot number two, you guys enjoyed it!

#1 Save the dates – PhD funding

And the winner is . . . our 2019 calendar! We compiled all the important periods of the year for international PhD funding for you to watch out for.

Look out for another international funding calendar in 2020, and in the meantime you sign up to our newsletter for more updates and advice!

We hope you have found these blogs useful (and enjoyable!) and we look forward to checking back with you in 2020, when we will continue to keep you up-to-date with the latest postgraduate advice and opportunities. Not to forget funding, and what Brexit will mean for you and your postgraduate studies.

If you’ve got an exciting or inspiring story that you want to tell, or think it might help other postgraduate students, why not blog for us in 2020? We’re always on the lookout for new voices to join us.

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