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PhD Blogs

PhDiary #1: “Everything is on Fire, but This is Fine” - My First Week

Welcome to our PhDiary! To kick this series off, Hannah reminisces about her first week as a History PhD student. From the fiery flames of stress to the warm moments of success, hopefully her story can offer some insight and solace.

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PhD Burnout (and How to Avoid It)

Many postgraduate students find themselves burning out, particularly during the run up to the holidays. In this blog, a final year PhD student shares her tricks to getting some much needed rest.

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How to Find a PhD With International Funding

Did you know that you can use the FindAPhD search to uncover PhD projects with funding for international students? Here's how.

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Paying for a PhD – The Cost of Self Funding

Thinking of self-funding a PhD? It's important to know what you'll actually have to pay for and to spare a thought for how you'll do so.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Studying in Canada

Considering postgraduate study in Canada? Here are the top five things we think you should know first.

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Visa Fees in the UK: What’s Changing for International Students?

Visa fees for international students in the UK will soon be changing. We explain everything you need to know.

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How to Financially Prepare for Postgraduate Study Abroad

Worried about the cost of a Masters or PhD abroad? Here's a six-step plan to help you prepare!

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What Language Test do I Need to Take to Study in Quebec?

Universities in France and French-speaking Canada have different language requirements. We cover everything you need to know in this blog.

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What To Expect From The IELTS Exam

If you're not a native English speaker, you might have to give an IELTS test to apply to university abroad. We've taken a look at exactly what you can expect from it.

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What Does The UK Re-Joining Horizon Europe Mean for PhD Students?

The UK government has secured a deal to re-join the EU's flagship funding programme for scientific research! Here's what the news means for PhD students.

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