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PhD Blogs

by Holly Giles

08 Dec 2022

Two Months Down, 46 to Go: Reflections on the First Two Months of My PhD

Interested in what it's really like to study a PhD? Holly's just started studying her degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences and she'll be taking us along for the ride in this new diary series!

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Top 12 Destinations for Postgraduate Study in 2023

Thinking about heading abroad for your Masters or PhD next year? Here are our top locations for international students in 2023!

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by Carolyn Barr

16 Jun 2020

How Postgraduate Funding in the Netherlands Works

This blog explains how fees and financing in the Netherlands differ for both Masters students and PhD candidates.

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by Ben Taylor

30 Jun 2022

5 Useful Work Visa Schemes for International PhD Students

We've taken a look at several countries that have generous work visa systems in place for international PhD students, explaining what kind of opportunities are available post-graduation.

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by Ben Taylor

06 Jan 2022

6 Surprising English-Language PhD Destinations

Each of these countries have their own compelling reasons to study an English-language PhD there, offering non-existent fees, unique research opportunities and historic universities.

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by Ben Taylor

01 Jul 2020

Spotlight on PhD Study in Europe

We’ve taken a closer look at six of the most popular European countries for international students, giving you an idea of what makes them unique – and a fantastic place to study a PhD!

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5 Differences Between PhDs in the USA and the UK

They're the world's most popular destinations for graduate (or postgraduate) study, but how do the USA and the UK compare as PhD options?

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A PhD Student’s Tips for Actually Enjoying the Holidays

It's Christmas for PhD students too. But how do you switch off and enjoy the holidays with your research dwelling in the back of your mind? Sofia shares some simple festive tips.

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by Hannah Slack

14 Jul 2022

The Top 5 Universities in Australia for Postgraduate Study

Think Australia could be the place for your postgraduate degree? We've taken a look at their top five universities according to the world rankings and found out what makes them so great.

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by Ben Taylor

27 Feb 2020

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Postgraduate Study Down Under

There are quite a few surprises about studying a Masters or PhD in Australia and New Zealand, from scholarships to research opportunities.

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