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Fully Funded 4 year MRes-PhD studentships

Do you want to make a difference in patients' lives? Are you interested in combatting major global infectious diseases? Do you want advanced training in… Read more

The Development of Hybrid Soft Robots

Soft robots are a relatively new form of robotic system that has seen a significant increase in interest in recent years. Unlike a traditional robot, soft robots do not consist of hard, heavy, and rigid material and instead are formed from lightweight flexible materials. Read more

Dietary Intervention to Prevent Myeloma Cancer Progression (HORWOODN_U23FMH)

Background . Multiple Myeloma (MM) is a haematological cancer caused by abnormal plasma cell expansion in the bone marrow.  MM is preceded by an earlier clinically stable stage termed monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS). Read more

HORNBERGERM_U23FMH ‘Sweet Memories’ – Continuous glucose monitoring and cognitive impairment in in-patient diabetes

Background   . Management of diabetes has been revolutionised over the last years with the advent of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), which allows monitoring of one’s glucose levels via a sensor patch on the skin. Read more

Four-dimensional flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance for cardiovascular haemodynamics (GARGP4DF_U23FMH)

Background   . Four-dimensional flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging is a cutting-edge technology which allows to measure and visualise flow in three-dimension over time (time being the fourth dimension) (i). Read more

Genomic signatures of pathogen evolution in Acinetobacter (EVANSB_U23FMH)

Background   . Some species in the bacterial genus Acinetobacter are responsible for causing serious infections that can be difficult to treat due to high levels of antibiotic resistance. Read more

Hot fat - molecules to promote brown adipose tissue thermogenesis for better (CRICHTONP_U23FMH)

As well as conventional white fat that stores calories, it has recently been established that adult humans can also produce brown adipose tissue, which has the specialised ability to burn off calories for heat. Read more

Using Crowdsource knowledge to Support Software Developers

Crowd-sourced knowledge is heavily used in software development. For example, thousands of software developers use Stack overflow website to ask questions and find solutions to the problem they are encountering. Read more

Foundational Multimodal Representation Learning Models for Proteins

IBM-UCD Pre-doc Fellowship in Machine Learning. We are delighted to offer an opening for a 4-year paid (salary + full fees) PhD position in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of a new initiative between IBM Research and the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research Training in Genomics Data Science (. Read more

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