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Dynamic Reconfiguration of Algebraic Compositions

Project Description. Abstract computing devices can be composed together algebraically using well-defined operators, in order to build new units of the same type that perform more complex behaviours. Read more

Development of improved and targeted quantification of ammonia emissions

Background and Importance. Ammonia (NH3) has an ever-growing influence on air pollution in the UK and worldwide with numerous considerable deleterious impacts such as the formation of secondary particles (now the dominant contribution), nitrogen deposition and eutrophication. Read more

Domestic combustion as a source of air pollution

In developed countries, it has been estimated that (pre-Covid) we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, much of this at home. Despite this fact, most of the regulation and research around air quality and consequent health effects has been on the outdoor environment or on occupational exposure in the workplace. Read more

Improving our understanding of the atmospheric sulfur cycle and its impact on air pollution and climate

Project summary. Particulate matter (PM) is a major air quality challenge, estimated to be responsible for >29,000 equivalent deaths a year in the UK alone, and also represents a major uncertainty in current climate model predictions due to both the direct and indirect effects on the earths radiative budget. Read more

Direct measurements of NOx emissions in central London: How are they changing and how can they be used to inform government policy?

Air pollution is currently the largest environmental health stressor on the UK population. At present the main pollutants of concern in urban centres are nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particles less than 2.5µm in diameter, measured by their mass (PM2.5), alongside ozone in suburban and rural environments. Read more

Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership Collaborative Project Studentships

The Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership is currently offering 4 collaborative. doctoral studentships hosted across our partner institutions. Read more

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