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MyWorld: Peripheral Vision and Coding

This project aims to exploit a knowledge of peripheral vision to enhance and measure viewer experience. Immersive media applications, such as VR, are heavily reliant on a wide field of view, high spatial and temporal resolutions, and high dynamic range, all of which require high bit rates. Read more

MyWorld: Low Light Fusion and Autofocus for Advanced Wildlife Coverage

Natural History filmmaking presents many challenges. For example, filming in low light or using modalities such as infra-red can result in noisy, low-resolution images, or can suffer from poor contrast range and colours. Read more

MyWorld: Intelligent Low Light Denoising, Colorisation Enhancement

Broadcasters and streaming organisations are commissioning content with increasingly challenging acquisition specifications that extend our experiences into faster, smaller, more colourful, darker, and generally more immersive spaces. Read more

MyWorld: Intelligent Cinematography

This project will employ AI-based technologies to enhance motion-picture photography and visual storytelling effectively. These include composition of a scene, camera positions, lighting design and scene understanding. Read more

MyWorld: End-to-End Learned Video Compression

In recent years, video compression has played an essential role in the application and uptake of video technologies across film, television, terrestrial and satellite transmission, surveillance and particularly Internet video. Read more

Understanding the biological role of the i-motif

The DNA i-motif is an important biological target which has recently been shown to form inside the nucleus of human cells. Current understanding of this structure is limited as it has received little research focus over the last 30 years, primarily because it was thought it couldn’t exist within biological environment. Read more

Nutrient bio-accessibility effects on the gut microbiota (WARREN_Q22CTP)

The project will explore the bioaccessibility of prebiotic fibres from natural matrices. Most of the evidence on the efficacy of prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), arabinoxylan-oligosaccharides (AXOS)) has been collated using the extracted and highly refined oligomers. Read more

X-ray Imaging and Property Characterisation of Porous Materials

Supervisory Team.   Nick Bazin, Mark Mavrogordato, Andrew Hamilton. Project description. Porous materials are widely used to perform a range of functions such as lightweight load bearing, impact protection, energy absorption and thermal or acoustic insulation. Read more

Antibiotic use and lower respiratory tract infections burden in children during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The project will assess antibiotic use and lower respiratory tract infections in children before and during COVID-19 pandemic. Machine learning algorithms will be developed to predict infection disease patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic using a national database. Read more

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