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PhD Funding Options

Finding funding for a PhD can seem challenging, but it may not be as hard as you think.

In fact, there are a wide range of options available: from Research Council studentships and doctoral student loans to funding from universities and independent charities, as well as a wide range of other PhD scholarships.

We've filled this section with detailed guides to all the different types of postgraduate funding that could be available for your PhD. You can also read our quick overview of the main options, or check out our advice on applying for PhD funding.

A Simple Introduction to PhD Funding

Who funds PhDs? And how do scholarships and studentships actually work? If you're new to PhD funding, start with this simple guide.

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How to Apply for PhD Funding – Advice, Tips and FAQs

How do you actually go about applying for PhD funding? Our guide offers some simple advice and answers common questions students may have.

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PhD Loans for Doctoral Students – A Guide for 2023

You may be able to get a PhD loan of up to £27,892 for a UK doctorate. Our guide explains eligibility, applications and repayments.

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PhD Scholarships – A Guide for 2023

A range of scholarships may be available to help you fund a PhD. Our guide explains the different types of award with tips for making a successful funding application.

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Research Council (UKRI) PhD Studentships – An Introduction

The seven UK Research Councils provide government studentships for PhD research in different subject areas. Our simple guide explains how this funding works, what you can get and how to apply successfully.

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PhD Funding from Universities - Scholarships, Studentships & Bursaries

Universities often have funding available for their PhD students, with support ranging from full studentships to fee waivers, small grants and other partial funding. Our guide explains the kinds of award an institution might offer and shows you where to start looking for them.

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Last Updated: 05 February 2021