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Doing a PhD

No lectures, no modules, no coursework and just one (big) exam: it isn't hard to see that a PhD will be very different to any other degree you've experienced.

So, what's it like to actually study for one? Think of this section as your PhD crystal ball!

From an overview of the PhD journey and an insight into working with a supervisor to what you can expect from the PhD thesis and the final viva voce exam, we've covered the rhythms and routines of PhD research.


The PhD journey

From literature review, to chapter drafts, to writing up, to viva. . . Every PhD is different, but most follow these key steps.

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The daily life of a PhD student

What's the day-to-day routine of a PhD like? We've had a look at the 'average' week for a PhD student.

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Preparing for a PhD

What should you expect from the start of a PhD? This guide will get you ready for postgraduate research.

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The length of a PhD

How long will your PhD actually take? Our guide looks at the length of a doctorate in different situations.

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PhD supervisor expectations

The supervision process will guide you through your PhD. Find out how it works – and what's expected of you.

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What's it like to do a PhD?

How does a doctorate differ from other degrees? What will be expected of you? What's it like to be a PhD student?

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PhD problems

No one ever said getting a PhD was easy (that's part of the point after all). Learn how to overcome the challenges you'll face.

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PhD study with a disability

Read information and advice for managing a PhD with a disability, learning difficulty or chronic illness.

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Differences between Masters and PhD study

Not sure what to expect in the transition from Masters to PhD study? In this guide, we take a look at how the two qualifications compare.

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PhD careers

What comes after a PhD? There are far more possibilities than you might expect. Get to know your options.

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Last Updated: 05 February 2021