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  Taru Medha

Role – Content Writer

Taru joined FindAMasters and FindAPhD in 2022. She is focused on creating well-researched, thorough content that can make the study abroad journey for prospective postgraduate students just a little bit easier! She writes blogs and guides making sure they are informative without being tedious. She equally enjoys making short video content for our social profiles so students can access this information in a format they like!

University education

Taru has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Bennett University in India and completed a Masters degree in Global Journalism from the University of Sheffield in 2021.

Postgraduate expertise

Taru flew across continents to complete a Masters in Global Journalism from Sheffield. Originally from India, she is no stranger to the postgraduate experience as an international student. From applying to a university abroad to then juggling assignments and building a life in a new country, she’s done it all and is happy sharing her tips with other prospective students.

Even though this is her first stint working in the UK’s education sector, Taru is no stranger to creating content for the web. She has previously worked at a few English-language publications in India creating both long and short-form web content.

Latest blogs from Taru Medha

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Money Matters: How Some Students Manage Their Finances

Worried about money management? Some postgraduate students share how they managed their finances.

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Visas in the UK: What Do The Recent Changes Mean For You?

The UK Government has announced a number of changes to visas recently. We've pulled them all together in one blog.

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New Australia Student Visa Changes and What They Mean for Students

We've taken a look at the recent Australian student visa changes and what they mean for students.

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Looking for a part-time job in Australia? Why not take advantage of one of these more unconventional ones.

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Best Student Cities in Australia – Where Can You Study?

Some of the world's best student cities are in Australia. We've taken a look at the top five so you can decide which is your ideal study destination.

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New AI Funding in the UK: What’s on Offer for Postgraduate Students

The UK Government has announced £118 million worth of funding for AI-based courses and research. Here's everything that's on offer for postgraduate students.

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Simple Tips to Juggle Study And Work Effectively

Thinking of working while studying? Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you juggle work and study.

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Overlooked Student Costs You Should Be Aware Of

There are so much to consider when thinking about postgraduate study and costs are high up on the list. We've taken a look at some often overlooked costs of being a student.

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7 Things To See As An International Student in Eastern Canada

Are you planning to study abroad in Canada? Here's everything you should see if you'll be attending university in the eastern half of the country.

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Top 5 Most International Universities in the USA

US universities that are known for maintaining an international outlook and welcoming students from across the world.

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What To Expect From The IELTS Exam

If you're not a native English speaker, you might have to give an IELTS test to apply to university abroad. We've taken a look at exactly what you can expect from it.

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6 Things You Need to Know About Studying in the USA as an International Student

Thinking of studying a postgrad degree in the USA? These are some things you ought to know!

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What are Some Popular Government Scholarships In The World’s Top Study Destinations?

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We've listed the five most international universities in Canada, according to the 2023 Times Higher Education World Rankings.

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The 5 Most Popular Subjects to Study in Ireland

Not sure which subject to study for your PhD in Ireland? Here are the five most popular, according to our search data!

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Top 4 Most International Universities in Italy

We've listed the four most international universities in Italy, according to the 2023 Times Higher Education World Rankings.

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