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Brace Yourself, the Journey is Getting Bumpy - PhD Life, One Year In

PhD research doesn't always go smoothly, but what matters is how you deal with the problems you encounter. Read Anh's story.

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A PhD Doesn’t Have to be Lonely – Settling in as an International Postgraduate

Studying abroad can offer excellent opportunities for PhD research. But moving to a new country (and adjusting to a new culture) can be challenging. Anh Hoang Le reflects on his experience and offers some advice.

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Setting Out on a PhD Journey - FindAPhD Scholarships Winner 2016

What's it actually like to start a PhD? What can you expect in the first few months of a doctorate? How does it feel to finally be an independent researcher? Anh Hoang Le won the top prize in our FindAPhD Scholarship competition for 2016. In this first post he tells us what it's been like to get started with his project.

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