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  Kirsty Smitten

Latest blogs from Kirsty Smitten

10 Simple Questions about PhD Study

We've brought together some of the most common questions students have about studying a PhD – with answers, of course!

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PhD Experiences: Working Within a DTP

If you’re looking at different PhD funding methods, you’ve probably come across some interesting acronyms like DTP and CDT. But do you understand what they will actually offer?

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6 (More) Common PhD Myths

Will you just be sat in a lab or library all day? Do you really need a first class degree (or a trust fund)? We've busted a few more common PhD myths.

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How I Wrote My Research Proposal

The research proposal may well be the most important part of your PhD application, but what’s it actually like to write one? Kirsty explains how she went about things and what she learned.

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How I Actually Chose My PhD

Where do you start when choosing a PhD? And where do you go from there? Kirsty describes her own experiences and offers some tips for picking the perfect project.

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The 1st Year of a PhD - Surviving the Initial Month of Madness

Wondering what the initial period of a PhD will involve? In this post, Kirsty gives an insight into her first month as a PhD student, including some tips on how to survive.

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The 1st Year of a PhD - The Benefits (and Stresses) of a Multidisciplinary Project

Interested in doing a multi-disciplinary PhD but unsure what this entails? Kirsty shares her experiences and addresses the pros and cons of researching in two different fields - at once!.

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