Kristine Bagdassarian

Role: Intern

Postgraduate expertise

Kristine was one of the first PhD students to join our team, arriving in 2018 to share her experiences as a Durham University doctoral researcher working on Mathematical Modelling and Biology – with a passion for literature and creative writing! As well as substantially revamping our book review section, Kristine helped develop some of our most popular blogs, including advice on research proposal writing, choosing a supervisor and managing multidisciplinary research. She now works as a Manager Editor at Researcher, an innovative app and resource platform for PhD students and faculty.

Latest blogs from Kristine Bagdassarian

Review: You Must be Very Intelligent – The PhD Delusion

Our review of 'You Must be Very Intelligent - The PhD Delusion' by Karen Bodewits (Springer, 2017)

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Seven Steps to a Successful Research Proposal

Writing your research proposal can be a mysterious process filled with many unknowns. Here is some advice on how to do it in seven steps.

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The Different Types of PhD Supervisor – How to Choose Your Yoda

Shopping around for a supervisor? Let us help you make the right choice. What kind of mentors can you expect to find?

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Review: How to Complete a PhD in the Medical and Clinical Sciences

Our review of 'How to Complete a PhD in the Medical and Clinical Sciences', edited by Dr Ashton Barnett-Vanes and Dr Rachel Allen (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017)

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Review: How to Do your PhD in a Nutshell

Our review of 'How to Do Your PhD in a Nutshell' by Loizos Heracleous and Najat El Mekkaoui (Kindle Direct Publishing, 2018)

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Review: 101 Top Tips for PhD Students

Our review of '101 Top Tips for PhD Students' by Prof Iain H Woodhouse (Speckled Press, 2015)

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Postgraduate Budgeting: How to Keep the Piggy Bank Oinking

Managing your spending as a postgraduate student can be a challenge but not an impossible one. Find out how to be a budgeting hero with our advice!

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Tweet, Pray, Cope: The (prospective or current) PhD Student’s Guide to Surviving in the Twitterverse

Join us on a journey through the Twitterverse to discover the most exciting and useful places for a PhD student to go.

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What Have I Done? – or the Story of How I Transitioned into Multi-Disciplinary Research

Considering a multi-disciplinary PhD? Here is one experience of being lost and found in the jungle of cross-subject research.

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