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  Kristine Bagdassarian

Latest blogs from Kristine Bagdassarian

Review: You Must be Very Intelligent – The PhD Delusion

Our review of 'You Must be Very Intelligent - The PhD Delusion' by Karen Bodewits (Springer, 2017)

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Seven Steps to a Successful Research Proposal

Writing your research proposal can be a mysterious process filled with many unknowns. Here is some advice on how to do it in seven steps.

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The Different Types of PhD Supervisor – How to Choose Your Yoda

Shopping around for a supervisor? Let us help you make the right choice. What kind of mentors can you expect to find?

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Review: How to Complete a PhD in the Medical and Clinical Sciences

Our review of 'How to Complete a PhD in the Medical and Clinical Sciences', edited by Dr Ashton Barnett-Vanes and Dr Rachel Allen (Wiley-Blackwell, 2017)

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Review: How to Do your PhD in a Nutshell

Our review of 'How to Do Your PhD in a Nutshell' by Loizos Heracleous and Najat El Mekkaoui (Kindle Direct Publishing, 2018)

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Review: 101 Top Tips for PhD Students

Our review of '101 Top Tips for PhD Students' by Prof Iain H Woodhouse (Speckled Press, 2015)

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Postgraduate Budgeting: How to Keep the Piggy Bank Oinking

Managing your spending as a postgraduate student can be a challenge but not an impossible one. Find out how to be a budgeting hero with our advice!

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Tweet, Pray, Cope: The (prospective or current) PhD Student’s Guide to Surviving in the Twitterverse

Join us on a journey through the Twitterverse to discover the most exciting and useful places for a PhD student to go.

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What Have I Done? – or the Story of How I Transitioned into Multi-Disciplinary Research

Considering a multi-disciplinary PhD? Here is one experience of being lost and found in the jungle of cross-subject research.

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