Gaia Cantelli

Role: Guest Contributor

Postgraduate expertise

Gaia has been a frequent guest author on FindAPhD, sharing her advice on applications, funding and work/life balance whilst completing a PhD in Molecular Biophysics at King’s College London (having previously studied at the University of Cambridge). She’s since gone on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship and lectureship at Duke University and has held roles at the European Bioinformatics Institute and the Open University.

Latest blogs from Gaia Cantelli

5 Things That Make an Awesome Referee for Your PhD Application

Don't be tempted to overlook references whilst you work on 'more important' parts of a PhD application. Follow these simple tips to identify a referee who can back up (and complement) your proposal and personal statement.

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Getting Your CV into Shape for a PhD Application – 10 Tips

A proper academic CV can really help you secure a PhD place. Here's how to make yours as strong as possible.

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Choosing a University for PhD Study in 6 Simple Steps

You're ready to choose your PhD - congratulations! But where should you study it? Gaia Cantelli offers some tips.

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PhD Prospects – Your Future with a Doctorate

What can you actually do with a PhD? This post takes a look at various academic and non-academic career options for doctoral graduates.

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5 Common PhD Fears & How to Overcome Them

Concerned about the progress of your thesis? Worried about gaining new skills? Struggling with imposter syndrome? Gaia Cantelli explains how to overcome some common PhD fears.

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5 Moments that Make a PhD

A PhD is hard work, sure. But it's also a unique opportunity to do some pretty incredible things and have some pretty incredible experiences. Here are five of them.

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Staying Focussed During a PhD - Some Simple Tips

More than any other degree, a PhD requires the ability to work independently and keep yourself on track. How can you do that? This blog offers some tips.

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The Science of PhD Study - PhD Interviews

What's it like facing a PhD interview in Science and Technology? We're looking at key areas of PhD study from the perspective of different subject areas.

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Preparing a PhD Application: 10 Tips

Considering a PhD in the future? It's never too early to start thinking about your application. Here are some tips to get you started.

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Avoiding Procrastination - 6 Ways to Save Your PhD

Worried about staying on track with your PhD? Gaia Cantelli knows how you feel. Here she offers 6 great tips for beating procrastination.

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10 Pieces of Wisdom for New PhD Students

Getting ready to begin a science-based PhD? Want to know what to expect, or how to get on in a busy laboratory? Gaia Cantelli is part of the interdisciplinary Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics at King's College London. Here she shares a few tips for new students.

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