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  Hannah Slack

Role: Senior Content Writer

Hannah joined FindAUniversity in 2020 as one of our Content Writers. She started with us part-time whilst studying for her PhD and has contributed engaging content from the perspective of a postgraduate student. In 2023, after handing in her thesis, she began working with us four days a week managing our student newsletters, writing insightful blogs and guides, and championing the student perspective.

University education

Hannah has a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of East Anglia. She completed a Masters in Early Modern History from the University of Sheffield in 2019 where she continued on to study for her PhD on Early Modern English seafarers. She handed in her thesis in 2023 and is currently awaiting her viva.

Postgraduate expertise

Having completed both a Masters and a PhD, Hannah has a strong grasp on the postgraduate experience. Having worked part-time throughout both her degrees, she understands the multiple academic, financial and time pressures faced by students. While she stands by her years of education as being some of the best in her life, she’s aware they haven’t always been the easiest. That’s why she’s passionate about discussing the realities of postgraduate study to help prepare prospective students to make the best decisions for themselves.

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Writing a PhD thesis is no easy task. Here's one student's experience and advice for new students.

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India's university system has been growing throughout the years. With generous funding and courses taught in English, it's fast becoming a desirable option for postgraduate students. Here's the best of the best when it comes to Indian universities.

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Think Australia could be the place for your postgraduate degree? We've taken a look at their top five universities according to the world rankings and found out what makes them so great.

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Our Scholarship Competition – What the Judges are Looking For

Every year we award two students a £6,000 scholarship for Masters or PhD study. Here's what the judges are looking for in applications.

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What’s Actually Hard About a PhD

You probably know that doing a PhD is difficult. But do you know *why* it's difficult? One student shares what's actually hard about a PhD and offers some advice for prospective students.

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The Top 5 Universities in Germany for Postgraduate Study

Considering studying abroad in Germany? From Munich to Berlin, using the world rankings we've taken a look at Germany's best universities for Masters and PhD study.

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PhDiary #6 Teaching during the PhD: Online vs In-Person

There has been lots of discussion about online university seminars from the undergraduate perspective, but what about from the many PhD students who lead them? For the next PhDiary, Hannah compares her different teaching experiences.

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The Four Stages of a PhD

Each year of a PhD brings a set of new experiences and challenges. So if you're looking to start a doctorate soon, here's a little sneak peak at what you're in for.

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Best of 2022 – Our Most Popular Blogs This Year

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My Supervisor’s an Alien

Ever thought your supervisor acts a bit strange? Do they have odd habits or not seem to sleep? If you answered yes then they might be an alien. They're more common than you think!

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10 Ways to be a Good PhD Student

There's a lot of things that go into being a good PhD student. From managing your time effectively to maintaining a productive relationship with your supervisor. Here are the top ten things you should be doing.

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PhDiary #7 “You’re Not Expected to Know Everything” – My Confirmation Review Experience

The confirmation review can be pretty intimidating. For this edition of the PhDiary, Hannah talks about her experience of the confirmation review and offers some advice for first year PhD students.

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Our Top Books for PhD Students

There are lots of advice books out there for PhD students. We've taken a look at some of the most popular that all students could benefit from.

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PhDiary #5 ‘The First Draft Always Sucks’ – Preparing for the Confirmation Review

It's time for a new edition of the PhDiary! In this blog History student Hannah recounts how she prepared for the confirmation review and offers some advice on what not to do.

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PhD Firsts: A Timeline of Doctoral Research

Did you know the PhD has been around since the twelfth century?In this blog let us take you through the sands of time and remember some of world's PhD firsts.

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