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Posted on 20 Mar '19

Blog for FindAPhD!

Looking to find new audiences for your research and ideas? Fancy the chance to write for a professional website? Interested in helping future students understand what finding - and studying - a PhD is really like?

Getting involved with the FindAPhD could be your opportunity to do all three.

Guest authors are an important part of what we do here at the FindAPhD blog and we're looking for some more of them.

Who are we looking for?

FindAPhD exists to help future postgraduates find their ideal PhD research opportunities (it's in the name).

But that's not all we do.

We also help prospective students understand what doctoral study is actually like, with funding information and advice articles (unfortunately didn't have the same ring to it).

Our PhD blog is a big part of this process. Since launching the platform in 2016 we've published articles on everything from PhD myths and application tips to the different types of supervisor, student wellbeing and career planning.

Along the way we've welcomed contributions from some great guest bloggers: including established academics, current students, and new PhD graduates across the Humanities and the Sciences.

Fancy joining them? We'd love to hear from:

  • Current PhD students sharing their experiences and advice.
  • Recent PhD graduates reflecting on their doctoral degree and their plans for the future.
  • Prospective PhD candidates talking about their search for funding, or their application experiences.
  • Postgraduate unions or societies looking to share insights into PhD study in their region - or in general.
  • Academics ready to pass on some guidance to new researchers.
  • Employers or representatives of other organisations with information and advice to offer PhD students.

... or anyone else with a viewpoint on doctoral research or a story to share with our audience.

What's involved?

We know that the guest authors who write for us are busy - particularly if they've got a PhD to apply for (or research!).

That's why we've done our best to ensure that contributing to the FindAPhD blog is as simple and stress-free as possible.

Posts don't have to be long (many of the pieces we publish are between 700-1,000 words).

And, unlike your PhD, a blog topic doesn't have to offer a significant original contribution to knowledge. It just needs to share some experiences or advice that would be useful to future PhD students. If you'd be interested to read about a topic as a future PhD student, we'd probably like to post about it.

Most importantly, you don't need to be an established blogger to get involved here. In fact, you don't even need to have blogged before. Our Content Team will provide feedback and guidance to make sure your posts are something to be proud of.

Of course, if you do have experience blogging, that's great too. We'd be happy to provide a link back to your own blog and help you grow your network.

What's in it for me?

Whatever your background, we also want blogging for us to be worthwhile and rewarding. Sadly, that doesn't mean we'll be able to come and write up your PhD for you.

But we can offer:

  • The chance to reach a substantial audience - We're proud to say that lots of people read the FindAPhD blog. Posts are also shared via our Facebook and Twitter channels, and often feature in our weekly PhD newsletter.
  • Something for your CV - Experience writing for a professional website like ours is definitely worth mentioning alongside your academic work - particularly if you're looking to highlight transferable skills.
  • An opportunity to gain exposure for your work - Engaging with audiences outside academia is an important part of a modern research project (particularly if you're seeking to demonstrate impact with your PhD). Blogging is one way to do that and we'll be happy to help get you started.
  • The potential to grow your network - Already blogging? Posting with us can help promote your own homepage and find new readers for your work.
  • Editorial guidance and feedback - Last, but certainly not least: however experienced (or inexperienced) you are, our Content Team will take your posts seriously. We provide the same advice and support to guest bloggers as we do to our own writers.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, all you need to do is...

Get in touch!

Think you'd enjoy guest blogging for us? Got a story to share, or a neat idea for a blog topic?

All you need to do is email us via editor[at]

There's no need to send in a CV, formal application or writing samples (though if you do have a personal blog, we'd love to read it). Simply say a little about yourself and let us know if you have any ideas for posts.

And if you don't know what you'd like to write about yet... it doesn't matter. Get in touch anyway and we'll see if we can come up with a topic that would suit you.

Interested in exploring more of the topics we cover on the blog? Why not take a look at our most recent posts, or browse categories such as funding information, student stories or general advice.

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Last Updated: 20 March 2019