Not sure what to include in your nomination? We've created this section to answer your most common questions and give you useful hints and tips about entering.

How can I nominate someone/a project?

Nominations are all made online through our simple form, you just need to press the 'Nominate now' button and get typing! The online form is made up of three sections for you to complete. Don’t forget to include evidence which showcases why your chosen person/project deserves an award.

Please note that nominations for our student and academic staff categories will open on Tuesday 4 April.

Can I nominate myself?

If you’re looking at the Outstanding Contribution to Support & Wellbeing category then you can nominate a project, campaign or initiative that you’ve been involved with.

However, if you’re a student, teacher or supervisor, you can’t nominate yourself. Instead, why not let people around you know that you want to be nominated? You can share details of any awards and commendations you’ve received with them, and point them in the direction of things you’d like them to include. This could be a fellow student or your supervisor for example.

Please note that nominations for our student and academic staff categories will open on Tuesday 4 April.

What information do I need to nominate?

Everything is completed online so all you need is the person’s/project’s details. The nomination form is split into three parts: description, impact and evidence. Each section is between 150-200 words long so take time to think about what you want to include and how you’ll talk about it before starting your nomination. In your evidence document, you can include links to videos, articles, social media profiles, etc.

I submitted my nomination but haven't had a confirmation you've received it. What should I do?

If you submitted your nomination but haven't received an email confirmation, please try to re-submit. If the issue persists, get in touch with the Postgrad Awards Team at PostgradAwards@FindAUniversity.com.

How competitive are the Awards?

In 2022, we had almost 300 nominations so we’d say they’re fairly competitive. You definitely want to be shouting about winning/your winners!

Do I need to provide supplementary information/evidence to support my nomination?

Yes! Supplementary information strengthens your nomination and makes it stand out! We had almost 300 nominations last year so your nomination really needs to shine.

What type of supplementary information/evidence should I provide?

Our judges want to see supporting materials such as testimonials from peers, students, teachers, press coverage, links to YouTube videos, photos of your academic or extra-curricular work, publications, awards, and links to blog posts or social media pages. Don’t go crazy on the evidence though, we don’t want this to be a massive job for you (or our judges).

There is room to upload an A4 single page with additional evidence such as photos, an event poster, campaign video link, etc. but don’t go over more than a single page (including the explanation as to why it’s relevant for your submission). And don’t include CVs or copies of research papers, we’ll discard these.

What file formats can I submit?

Our nomination form allows you to upload a PDF. If you’d like to provide an image or video as part of your supplementary information, save a link to it in a PDF document and then upload.

My supplementary information file is larger than I can upload. What can I do?

In order to allow your supplementary information to be uploaded, you can save the file at a low resolution, so it’s a smaller file size. We’ll then be in touch if we need to see the document at a higher resolution. If you’re unable to upload the supplementary information, you can email the Postgrad Awards team at PostgradAwards@FindAUniversity.com to find out how to submit this.

Can I submit a draft of the form now and edit it later?

No. Once you submit the form, you won’t be able to edit your response so get everything ready beforehand and make sure you’re 100% happy with your submission before clicking enter! You’ll be able to view a draft of your submission on the last page of the form and edit it before sending.

When will the winners be announced?

Get your online nominations to us by Tuesday 16 May 2023. Judging will take place in July with winners announced in September.

I’ve received an email saying I’ve been nominated, what does this mean?

Congratulations! If you’ve received an email saying you’ve been nominated for one of our Postgrad Awards 2023 then it means that someone wanted to recognise you for all you do in the postgraduate community!

The person I’ve nominated hasn’t had an email. What should I do?

We email all those who have been nominated, so if someone you nominated hasn’t received an email from us then it could have gone into their Junk/Spam folder, so they should check this first. If they still haven’t received it, then get in contact with us at PostgradAwards@FindAUniversity.com, as their email address may have been inputted incorrectly.

When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced in September 2023.

How can I find out if I’ve won?

If you’ve won, we’ll contact you directly via email in September 2023.

What will I win?

Besides the obvious bragging rights, if you’re a student winner, then you’ll receive a cash prize of £500, an international platform to showcase your commitment to postgraduate study, and recognition from your academic communities.

For academics and professional support staff, the Postgrad Awards bring invaluable exposure to your university initiatives and academic outputs on our internationally-popular platforms. All winners will also receive a certificate and physical award to showcase their achievement.

Not sure what to include in your application?

If you're unsure what to include om your nomination, why not get some inspiration from our 2022 winners?