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We have 41 creative industries PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Community-based Participatory Research in the Arts: Practice, Innovation and Analysis

The proposed project will harness the enormous potential of community-based participatory research to identify, develop and promote innovative responses to global challenges through artistic, creative and/or visual means. Read more

Photography, Landscape and Trauma

The proposed PhD project is an in-depth investigation into the complex relationship between photography, landscape and trauma. PhD projects should be concerned with the overlap between these three keywords by analysing a specific, well-defined and highly original case study proposed by the applicant. Read more

Filmic Visions and Pushing Boundaries

The proposed project will involve an investigation into filmic forms that push against, cross and/or transgress boundaries between fiction, ethnographic, essayistic or documentary cinema. Read more

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Creating Our Lives in Data (Horizon CDT)

15 fully funded four year PhD studentships available to start in September 2022. Opportunities for graduates from a wide range of disciplines including computer science, engineering, mathematics, human factors, psychology, sociology, business, geography, social science, medicine/health sciences and the arts. Read more

Dark Tourism and Penal History Sites in Scotland

Penal history sites have drawn the attention of international dark tourism scholars who have begun to study prison tourism at penal museums, from The Stasi Prison and the Gulag system to postcolonial prisons in different national contexts. Read more

Visual Memes and Viral Images: Analysis, Discourse, Politics

The proposed project will explore the role of online memes and viral images in the transglobal socio-political landscape. Visual memes and viral images—whether still or moving image, and whether drawn or live-action—form a significant aspect of the online experience, particularly with respect to social media. Read more

PhD Studentship Opportunity: Deep learning for Visual Tracking and Human Computer Interaction

  Research Group: Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)
This project is under the supervision of. Professor Richard Bowden. who runs the cognitive vision lab within CVSSP. He has a track record of work into various areas of computer vision which include visual tracking and the location, tracking, and understanding of humans. Read more

The role of sound in people’s experience of smart products and services

This study will investigate the role of sound in people’s experience of smart products and services, and aim to develop a taxonomy and guidance for sound design based on experimental data. Read more

Innovation inspired by disability

Many mainstream innovations were initially a specialised solution for disabled people, i.e. remote control. This PhD study will investigate innovation inspired by disability and develop relevant design heuristics. Read more

PhD Scholarships at the Management School

A stimulating and dynamic research environment. As part of the Russell Group of research intensive universities, we are dedicated to conducting socially responsible and impactful research. Read more

Research opportunities in the School of Health and Community Studies

The School hosts a wide-range of doctoral and research students - including full-time students and part-time students, who are often studying alongside their professional role. Read more

Research in IRAC (Institute for Research in Applicable Computing)

Research in IRAC (Institute for Research in Applicable Computing - reflects the strong motivation within the Institute for developing novel applications of computer technology to solve real-world problems and for providing innovative tools to enable users to employ computer technology more efficiently and more effectively. Read more

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