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University of Bristol PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 145 University of Bristol PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Developing an AI-Embedded Robotic Multi-Sensory Characterisation and Decontamination “Toolkit”

Project Description. Not all legacy radiological contamination is distributed uniformly within former ponds, labs, hot-cells, or waste processing and storage environments – many of which urgently require assessment and decommissioning across the UK’s nuclear estate to reduce on-site risks. Read more

Charting the limits of tree growth resilience to climate extremes across Europe’s forests

Like other long-lived organisms, trees experience a wide range of climatic conditions over the course of their lives. Understanding how these fluctuating conditions impact tree growth and survival is critical to predicting how climate change will affect forest carbon cycling into the future. Read more

MyWorld: Peripheral Vision and Coding

This project aims to exploit a knowledge of peripheral vision to enhance and measure viewer experience. Immersive media applications, such as VR, are heavily reliant on a wide field of view, high spatial and temporal resolutions, and high dynamic range, all of which require high bit rates. Read more

MyWorld: Intelligent Low Light Denoising, Colorisation Enhancement

Broadcasters and streaming organisations are commissioning content with increasingly challenging acquisition specifications that extend our experiences into faster, smaller, more colourful, darker, and generally more immersive spaces. Read more

MyWorld: End-to-End Learned Video Compression

In recent years, video compression has played an essential role in the application and uptake of video technologies across film, television, terrestrial and satellite transmission, surveillance and particularly Internet video. Read more

Scalar Dispersion in Turbulent Flows for Air Pollution Applications

Air pollution is the biggest environmental risk to public health. The WHO estimates 7 million premature deaths worldwide due to air pollution annually, and in the UK, it is costing the economy £20bn with over 25,000 deaths annually. Read more

MScR: Endosomal Trafficking Dysfunction in Astrocytes: A Roadmap to Alzheimer’s disease?

Previously thought of as only a support cell for neurons, astrocytes have now been shown to play an essential role in regulating synaptic activity and regulating transmitter uptake and release. Read more

Understanding the molecular mechanism of a novel innate bacterial defence system and its synergy with CRISPR-Cas

Prokaryotes have evolved over billions of years alongside their viruses, the bacteriophages, or “phages”. To prevent viral infection, prokaryotes have evolved rudimentary immune mechanisms, the most widespread and well‐studied of which are the Restriction‐Modification and the CRISPR‐Cas enzymes. Read more

NIHR School for Primary Care Research PhD studentship

Applications are invited from individuals with a strong academic record who want to develop a career in primary care research and can start a PhD in October 2023. Read more

Compasses and odometers of the brain

Have you ever wondered how insects migrate across the globe without getting lost? Come, work with us. Insects are well known for being accomplished navigators-moths, butterflies, locusts, dragonflies, and beetles can travel across countries and continents during seasonal migration. Read more

Experimental Validation of Variable Acceleration Rayleigh-Taylor Instability

Turbulence remains the greatest unsolved problem in classical physics. One of the most fundamental examples of turbulence is that driven by the Rayleigh-Taylor instability at interfaces between fluids with differing density. Read more

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