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We have 47 University of Warwick PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Modelling of radiation damage in diamond

The modelling of radiation damage in diamond and other crystalline materials is inherently a multiscale problem with a range of processes occurring over multiple different length (e.g., atomic to mm) and time scales (e.g., < fs to >103 s). Read more

Levitating Quantum Diamonds

Single nitrogen-vacancy (NV-) centres in diamond have isolated electronic and nuclear spins which can store quantum information at room temperature for over one second. Read more

Warwick Business School: PhD Programme

Develop yourself as an early career researcher with our prestigious Doctoral Programme. We are pleased to offer the following two courses for 2023 entry. Read more

PhD in Development of an advanced microstructural model for strip steel phase transformation behaviour using sensor signal feedback

Can we characterise a steels microstructure, in real-time during industrial processing non-destructively (i.e. without the need to section and use microscopy) and use this information within microstructural development models? This will be the objective for the successful PhD candidate. Read more

PhD Towards better structural steels sections: optimisation of high frequency induction welded line pipe products

Steel is the most widely-used structural material in the world. If a product isn’t made of steel it’s made using steel. Steel is at the heart of UK manufacturing sectors such as the car industry, construction, packaging and energy. Read more

PhD in Deep Learning for Autonomous Digital Manufacturing

Machine learning/deep learning (ML/DL) is an important enabler for advancements of modern smart factory automation driven by web of distributed sensing, communications, and control intelligence. Read more

High Pressure Diffraction Studies on Functional Materials

The project will exploit the in situ control parameters of, electric field, strain and hydrostatic pressure to understand how the functional properties of electronic materials can be tuned and ultimately enhanced. Read more

EngD and PhD Studentships: Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Innovation in Non-Destructive evaluation (FIND-CDT)

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Innovation in Non-Destructive evaluation (FIND) is a partnership between a group of leading universities (Bristol, Imperial College London, Manchester, Nottingham, Strathclyde and Warwick) offering a 4-year industrially-linked doctoral training programme designed to launch you into an engineering career. Read more

Ultimate neutrino flux optimisation and design of next-generation neutrino experiments in nuSTORM

​Supervisors. Dr. Stefania Ricciardi (RAL, PPD) and Dr. Xianguo Lu (Warwick). The Neutrinos from Stored Muons (nuSTORM) facility will provide a neutrino beam from the decays of muons confined in a storage ring with tunable momentum (1-6 GeV/c). Read more

Acid Resilient Electrocatalyst Materials for Water Splitting

The splitting of water to form hydrogen as a fuel requires effective electrocatalysts to allow for viable electrolysers. The bottleneck in developing this technology further is the poor kinetics of the anodic oxygen evolution reaction. Read more

Fast ions and turbulence in fusion plasmas

Supervisor. B.F. McMillan, CFSA, Department of Physics, University of Warwick. The background fields in tokamak reactors provide excellent confinement of plasmas at extreme temperatures, but by perturbing the shape of these fields, and inducing electric field structures, the plasma can still find a way to escape. Read more

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