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We have 73 Economics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships






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Economics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 73 Economics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Embarking on a PhD in Economics propels individuals into the fascinating world of economic theory and policy, enabling them to decipher the complex mechanisms that drive markets, influence consumer behaviour, and shape global economies. This rigorous academic journey challenges candidates to apply quantitative and qualitative research methods to investigate pressing economic issues, from income inequality and fiscal policy to international trade dynamics and financial crises.

A PhD in Economics not only cultivates an in-depth understanding of economic principles but also equips graduates with the analytical tools needed to contribute to impactful economic research, policy-making, and strategic decision-making in a globalised world.

Why complete a PhD in Economics?

A PhD in Economics offers an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the field through original research that can influence economic thought and policy. These degrees foster a deep engagement with both the theoretical underpinnings and the empirical realities of economics, allowing candidates to explore a breadth of interests from microeconomic behaviour to macroeconomic policy.

Through these programmes, students develop a nuanced understanding of economic models and the skills to analyse complex data, evaluate policy effectiveness, and forecast economic trends. The collaborative environment of these programmes, alongside access to cutting-edge research tools and methodologies, encourages candidates to push the boundaries of current economic knowledge and to address some of the most challenging economic issues of our time.

In terms of employment, earning a PhD in Economics opens the door to a broad spectrum of career opportunities. Graduates are highly sought after in academia, where they can shape the next generation of economists through teaching and research. Beyond the university setting, PhD holders play crucial roles in government, international organisations, think tanks, and financial institutions, where their expertise informs policy formulation and strategic economic planning.

The analytical and problem-solving skills honed through these programmes are applicable in a wide range of contexts, from economic consultancy and public policy analysis to investment banking and economic journalism. As global economic landscapes continue to evolve, the insights and innovations generated by economists are invaluable in navigating uncertainties and in championing sustainable economic growth and development.

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PhD Studentship: Scoping the way toward improved urban biodiversity and natural capital using local authority data

Award Summary. 100% Home fees covered, and a minimum tax-free annual living allowance of £19,237 (2024-25 UKRI rate). Overview. If you are interested in improving biodiversity and natural capital (NC) in England’s urban environment, then look no further. Read more

The Economics of Frailty

Opportunity for a self-funded PhD. 3-years full-time or up to 6-years part-time. Context. Life expectancy has increased in the UK and this trend is being repeated in other high- and middle-income countries (World Bank, 2019). Read more

Health state utilities for cost-effectiveness models – ensuring the best use of available values

Health state utilities are a key component of economic evaluations which are used to inform resource allocation decision making in healthcare, specifically related to allocative efficiency based on quality-adjusted life years (QALYs). Read more

The health and wellbeing impacts of poor-quality urban environments

Applications are invited for a three-year fully-funded studentship, to commence in September 2024, to work on a project under the supervision of Dr Alistair Hunt  and Professor Eleonora Fichera. Read more

Scotland’s diaspora – was there social justice for the ‘failed’ immigrant in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?

The creation of clubs and societies organised around ethnicity characterised the Scottish diasporic experience, both for those who received alms and for those who sought a means through which to meet and socialise with other Scots. Read more

Evaluating the Just Transition to effect policy change

It is an undeniable fact that the world faces environmental and climate crises of epic proportions. What is also clear to see is the social and political impacts of these crises across states and societies. Read more

Executive PhD programme in Private Sector Development

The part-time Executive PhD programme in Private Sector Development (preferably for Emerging Economies) allows working professionals and researchers with full-time or part-time jobs to combine their careers with obtaining a PhD. Read more

Improving the Green Pharmaceutical Transition - A Feasibility Study

Context. Pharmaceutical industries are fundamental in enhancing the quality of life in developed countries. However, the stringent requirements for quality control and assurance in this industry result in significant waste production, resources use, and energy consumption. Read more

Leeds University Business School

Challenge thinking. Create knowledge. Make an Impact. As a Leeds University Business School postgraduate researcher you will contribute fully to the advancement of knowledge within the Business School. Read more

Spatial Housing Market Spillovers in the UK

The housing market is undoubtedly an important contributor to both the UK economy and people’s quality of life and well-being. Changes in house prices can affect many stakeholders in the market, including homeowners. Read more

Economics PhD studentships

Economics PhD studentships at a leading university. The School of Economics at UEA is one of the top-ranked economics departments in the UK, proudly combining an internationally-leading reputation for research with the highest standards in teaching and academic support for our students. Read more

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