Add the PhD projects you’ve listed on to your website with FindAPhD CONNECT

Save time

Our free FindAPhD CONNECT software integrates your PhD listings into your university website so you only ever need to maintain & update one set of data. You can even use it to add your PhD’s to a Facebook page!

No technical knowledge

Adding FindAPhD CONNECT to your website, or Facebook page, is simple and works with most content management systems.

No waiting

Creating your own database of PhDs can be expensive and take months of development time. FindAPhD CONNECT gives your visitors a state-of-the-art PhD search interface, instantly!


FindAPhD CONNECT can be included anywhere on your website. Use it to show PhD opportunities for the university, a faculty, or a single department. You can also use it to bring specific projects into staff profile pages.

How do I get FindAPhD CONNECT?

Just pop our Client Services team an email and we’ll get you set-up within 24 hours!

Click the logos below to see some live examples of universities currently using our CONNECT software:

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