International Students in the UK: Inspiring Stories About Making A Difference |
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International Students in the UK: Inspiring Stories About Making A Difference

The #WeAreInternational campaign showcases the study abroad opportunities available in the UK, and celebrates the fantastic contributions of international students across the country!

As part of this year’s campaign, we’re taking a look at some inspiring stories from students who have come from around the world to study at a UK university. They share what their study abroad journey has been like so far, and their plans for the future.

Meet Chisimdi

Chisimdi, originally from Nigeria, is pursuing an MSc in Data Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University. His passion for finding data-driven solutions to help people manage their finances started when he formed a club turned small advisory business with some friends in Nigeria offering financial advice to his peers.

He plans to use his Masters to help bring financial education to those who need it the most, by building an automated budgeting and expense tracking system.

“Looking ahead, I’d like to apply my data science skills to impactful projects. To drive positive change and inspire others to achieve their goals. I want to continue improving financial education, especially for those who need it the most.”

Meet Ravi

The UK was always at the top of Ravi’s study abroad shortlist. With its Institute of Development Studies ranking number one in the world, the University of Sussex was an easy choice for Ravi to earn his MA in Governance, Development and Public Policy at!

Since graduating, he has applied the skills and knowledge he earned in his Masters to support local communities in his home country of India, by reducing stigma around sexual and reproductive health. In the future, he hopes to pursue a public policy role focussing on health, education and civic services.

“I didn’t consider anywhere other than the UK and the University of Sussex. It ticked all the boxes. Cost. Class size. Quality. Their Institute of Development Studies is also ranked number one in the world.”

Meet Rayhan

For Rayhan, there was nothing nerve-wrecking about travelling from Indonesia to the UK to study his MSc in Management at Lancaster University!

He felt instantly at home within his university’s diverse international student community and has relished the opportunity to get involved with its many societies during his degree. In fact, Rayhan enjoyed his time studying at Lancaster University so much that he decided to stay on as an intern in its strategic projects team post-graduation and is currently helping to deliver one of their biggest projects to date.

“I’ve found a lot of diversity at my university. I didn’t feel homesick. I’ve felt welcome since I got here. I’m pleased to have met so many wonderful people. You find a new life, without forgetting the old one.”

Meet Mauricio

Mauricio, originally from Barbados, began his UK study abroad journey when he completed his undergraduate degree here in 2016, and since has returned to complete a PhD in Forensic Studies at Staffordshire University, having identified the UK as a leader in the field.

When he graduates, he’ll be the only person in the English-speaking Caribbean with a PhD in Forensic Science! He hopes to use his PhD research and the experience he has gained working with the Staffordshire Police to help implement policies that will benefit Barbados and the wider region.

“As expected, people from the UK are really polite and welcoming. Everyone I asked for help was very kind. My best friend is from Manchester. He’s my family over here. When I arrive from the airport, he is there to collect me.”

Meet Gayatri

Gayatri travelled from India to the University of Strathclyde to study her MSc in International Project Management and has found Scotland such a welcoming home-away-from-home that she plans to stay after graduating to pursue her dream role of Global Project Consultant!

She hopes to use her Masters to pioneer sustainable transformations and create a greener future for all.

“I really feel that the UK has unlocked my potential. My analytical and critical thinking skills have improved significantly.”

Meet Dua

Dua realised her longstanding dream of studying in the UK when she began her PhD in Transport Safety Design at Loughborough University, focussing on the safety and cyber security of self-driving cars. She has loved the kindness and warmth of the UK and has found community in a tight-knit group of fellow international students!

“I don’t have a clear vision for the future yet. There are so many amazing options. I just know, I want to inspire future researchers and continue my career journey, to explore and advance knowledge through my research and make a meaningful contribution in my field.”

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Last Updated: 14 May 2024