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  Design of advanced cyclic adsorption processes for complex gas separations
  Dr L Joss
Application Deadline: 26 April 2019
Gas adsorption is one of the key physical processes that underlie the numerous industrial uses of porous solids. These include separation processes (adsorption and membrane processes), catalytic reactions, energy storage, and gas recovery from unconventional plays.
  Membranes for water purification and CO2 adsorption from Martial dust simulants
  Dr A Alexiadis, Dr F Alberini
Applications accepted all year round
The problem. JSC MARS-1A is a Martian dust simulant. a terrestrial material designed by NASA to simulate the chemical and mechanical properties of Martian soil (regolith) measured by instruments on-board the various Mars rovers.
  Multiscale studies of small molecule behaviour in zeolites: the effect of framework structure and composition
  Dr A O'Malley
Application Deadline: 19 May 2019
The industrial importance of zeolites in fields such as catalysis, molecular sieving and decontamination technologies is well established, with significant commercial potential in controlled release technologies for the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  Processing of Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs) for CWA capture and destruction
  Dr M Ferrari, Prof N McKeown
Applications accepted all year round
Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs) are microporous materials that are characterized by a very large volume of interconnected pores.
  Bacteriophages of Gram positive bacteria: gateways to infection control
  Dr G Xia, Prof J P Derrick
Applications accepted all year round
The rise in antibiotic resistance has prompted a renewed interest in bacteriophage research. A study of the molecular basis for recognition of the bacterial host has applications in detection, vaccine design and control of bacterial infections.
  Functionalised Metal-Organic Framework Adsorbents and Hybrid Membranes for Challenging Gas Separations
  Dr S Shahid
Application Deadline: 30 April 2019
Metal organic frameworks belong to the family of coordination polymers with extremely high specific surface areas surpassing that of traditional adsorbents such as zeolites and activated carbon.
  Interfacial conformations of Adsorbed Antibodies as Studied by Dual Polarization Interferometry and Neutron Reflection
  Prof J Lu, Dr R Curtis, Prof J P Derrick
Application Deadline: 7 June 2019
Monoclonal antibodies are proteins that can be engineered with exceptionally high selectivity and specificity to recognize their target molecules.
  Design and Discovery of Adsorbent Materials for Challenging Gas Separation Applications
  Dr PZ Moghadam, Dr SF Brown
Applications accepted all year round
Adsorptive gas separation and purification have long been proposed as lower cost and lower energy-use methods to replace traditional cryogenic distillation or absorptive methods.
  Modelling the synthesis of metal-organic frameworks for continuous manufacture
  Dr M Jorge, Dr A Fletcher
Applications accepted all year round
Metal-Organic Frameworks, or MOFs for short, are exciting nanoporous materials at the forefront of many new scientific discoveries.
  Synthesis and Properties of Novel thermoresponsive polymers for water purification
  Dr S Barton, Dr J Barker
Applications accepted all year round
Water is one of the basic necessities required for the sustenance and continuation of life. It is therefore important that supply of good quality water should be available for various activities.
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