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We have 17 autism PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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autism PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 17 autism PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

How do prenatal steroids elevate autism likelihood?

The causes of autism remain unknown. Some literature has showed a link between higher levels of steroid hormones such as testosterone in the womb and autism in children, particularly males. Read more

Deep phenotyping of genetic syndromes associated with autism

Autism is an extremely heterogeneous condition. Some of this variability results from genetic heterogeneity. Some rare genetic conditions appear to have an increased prevalence of autism. Read more

Processing of facial expressions of emotion in autism

Facial expressions of emotion are an important means of communication. In social interactions, we monitor the expression of our conversation partner and automatically extract emotional information from their face. Read more

Music and language processing in autism and amusia

Music and language are fundamental traits of human existence. They both rely on complex sound sequences to convey meaning. It has been hotly debated whether the two are processed through distinct cognitive modules or using shared mechanisms. Read more

AI-Driven Discovery of Genetic Markers in Developmental Disorders

Developmental disorders (DDs) are defined as a group of conditions manifesting as cognitive, social, and motor dysfunctions The existing literature showcases the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and genomics in advancing our understanding and diagnosis of DDs. Read more

PhDs in Education

Our research aims to improve policy and practice in education locally, regionally and internationally. We invite applications for research study in any of our research strengths:  . Read more

Perception of social stimuli in neurotypical and neurodiverse populations

Being able to accurately and efficiently interpret social stimuli has enormous adaptive value, and difficulties in social perception are associated with anxiety in social situations. Read more

Understanding how mutations in the kinase TLK2 cause a neurodevelopmental disorder

Tousled-like kinase 2 (TLK2) was recently identified as a novel genetic locus for a neurodevelopmental disorder. Patients predominantly possess de novo mutations in TLK2, leading to a reduction in its expression or kinase activity. Read more

Join Our Team: Fully Funded 4-Year PhD Position in Cognitive and Social Neuroscience

We are recruiting a 4-year PhD student (fully funded) focusing on cognitive and social neuroscience. The project focuses on the exploration of interpersonal synchrony, aiming to understand the mechanism of governing self and coordinating with others. Read more

How do hormones regulate memory?

Deficiencies of thyroid hormone are common throughout the globe. Adult-onset hypothyroidism is prevalent in around 8-10% of the population and is associated with reproductive disorders, anxiety, depression and impairment of memory. Read more

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