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Microbial colour using textile fibre waste

Many microbes produce colour pigments due to secondary metabolites depending on the energy sources and surrounding environment. Examples include red colour produced by Penicillium miniolutem in Sabouraud broth, Rhizopus sp. Read more

Optimised colour centre control for diamond quantum technologies

The development and implementation of quantum communication networks enables the possibility of deterministically secure links between remote nodes and is a necessary step in the realization of distributed quantum computing. Read more

Advanced Functional Dyes

Background. Dyes have many practical applications in a wide variety of contexts. Examples of their use range from providing simple, stable colours on paper and textiles, to providing switchable colours in more advanced technology applications, such as those found in display devices. Read more

Doctoral Research Scholarship (4 years) – Synaesthesia as a model system to understand variability in perception, memory, and cognitive style.

Synaesthesia, a perceptual condition in otherwise healthy individuals, is linked to extraordinary experiences. The proposed research rethinks conditions like synaesthesia as not just representing extraordinary experiences, but such that the changes in the brains of synaesthetes support a distinct cognitive profile. Read more

The Icing on the Doughnut: Exploring the flow properties of complex biomolecules

What if you wanted to really move the needle on health? For a start you’d have to recognise that telling the consumer to change their eating habits hasn’t really worked and it is unlikely it ever really will. Read more
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Back to the land: labour, agriculture and ecological transition

Project Description. The global food system is in crisis, driven by ecological and climate catastrophes, plantation monocultures, labour exploitation (particularly of migrants), rising input prices due to war, and in the UK Brexit and soaring land values, alongside food poverty. Read more

The Role of B7-H1 in Platelet Activation and Immunothrombosis

A British Heart Foundation funded PhD studentship position to work on the highly exciting role of B7-H1 in platelet activation and immunothrombosis is now available. . Read more

Sustainable, Energy Efficient Solar Control Glazing

An enthusiastic materials science/engineering student is required to work on an industrially-sponsored R&D project involving plasma-based deposition of nanocomposite materials for application in energy and sustainability. Read more

Comparing navigation strategies in mantis shrimp and bull ants

Mantis shrimp (Stomatopoda) are marine crustaceans with extraordinary eyes, boasting up to 12 channels of colour sensitivity, 6 channels of polarization, and incredible ranges of eye movement. Read more

Removing organic contaminants from drinking water; testing the effectiveness of a novel water treatment technology

  Research Group: Molecular Environmental Sciences
Although the United Nations General Assembly, through resolution 64/292, explicitly recognized the human right to water and acknowledged that clean drinking water is essential to the realisation of all human rights, still around 663 million people worldwide lack access to an improved water source, making this one of the biggest environmental problems of our time. Read more

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