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We have 19 photography PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Photography, Landscape and Trauma

The proposed PhD project is an in-depth investigation into the complex relationship between photography, landscape and trauma. PhD projects should be concerned with the overlap between these three keywords by analysing a specific, well-defined and highly original case study proposed by the applicant. Read more

MyWorld: Intelligent Cinematography

This project will employ AI-based technologies to enhance motion-picture photography and visual storytelling effectively. These include composition of a scene, camera positions, lighting design and scene understanding. Read more

Local perceptions of slum tourism using creative ethnographic methods

Overview. This study will aim to consider the perspectives of locals about slum tourism in their areas. This will include the views of local residents as well as local stakeholders, those involved in slum tourism as guides, transport operators and accommodation providers along with persons who are not directly involved. Read more

MyWorld: Low Light Fusion and Autofocus for Advanced Wildlife Coverage

Natural History filmmaking presents many challenges. For example, filming in low light or using modalities such as infra-red can result in noisy, low-resolution images, or can suffer from poor contrast range and colours. Read more

MyWorld: Intelligent Low Light Denoising, Colorisation Enhancement

Broadcasters and streaming organisations are commissioning content with increasingly challenging acquisition specifications that extend our experiences into faster, smaller, more colourful, darker, and generally more immersive spaces. Read more

Development of ultra-high-speed image-based technology for the study of lightning and lightning interactions

EPSRC funded project 3.5 years full time. Lightning is one of the most unpredictable and destructive forces in nature, and poses a considerable threat to building infrastructure, transportation links, data connections, and power distribution networks. Read more

Filmic Visions and Pushing Boundaries

The proposed project will involve an investigation into filmic forms that push against, cross and/or transgress boundaries between fiction, ethnographic, essayistic or documentary cinema. Read more

Community-based Participatory Research in the Arts: Practice, Innovation and Analysis

The proposed project will harness the enormous potential of community-based participatory research to identify, develop and promote innovative responses to global challenges through artistic, creative and/or visual means. Read more

Practical characterization of contact behaviour for simulating granular flows

The bulk behaviour of granular materials is critical to many industrial processes. Processing equipment such as screw feeders, hoppers, milling machines, pneumatic conveyors, and interventions (vibration, fluidization) are designed based on understandings of this behaviour. Read more

Art History and World Art Studies at UEA

Art History and World Art Studies at UEA. is a research-led, interdisciplinary department engaging such global challenges as climate change, coloniality, and continuing economic and political inequalities. Read more

Machine learning based circuit design and optimisation for image sensors

Integrated circuit design has been among the drivers of technology in the past few decades, from the ubiquitous processors in computers and smartphones to everyday home and industrial appliances. Read more

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