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  Next generation on-chip photonic quantum simulators
  Dr Anthony Laing
Application Deadline: 28 February 2019
The prospect of quantum machines outperforming conventional computers can provide ground-breaking capabilities in many fields.
  Machine learning in quantum chemistry - using machine learning to improve the results of quantum chemical calculations
  Dr JG Hill
Applications accepted all year round
Machine learning methods have seen a great deal of recent success in a number of technological fields, and these techniques from applied statistics and computer science are poised to change the fields of computational and theoretical quantum chemistry.
  Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Origin of Life on the Earth
  Prof J Šponer, Ms J Sponerova
Application Deadline: 3 February 2019
Formation of the very first oligonucleotide sequences is one of the greatest mysteries surrounding life’s origin.
  Complexity at small scales with Circuit QED Quantum Simulators
  Dr NK Langford
Applications accepted all year round
PROJECT DESCRIPTION. In the field of quantum simulations, research into the behaviour of complex, interacting systems is driven by applications in areas like quantum chemistry and condensed matter physics, where near-future quantum processors will find their first real-world applications.
  Next Generation Components for Quantum Communication
  Prof G Buller
Application Deadline: 8 February 2019
Quantum Communications has the potential to provide verifiably secure communications, guaranteed by the laws of quantum mechanics.
  Quantum Communication beyond Qubits
  Dr M Malik
Application Deadline: 8 February 2019
High-dimensional entanglement in the temporal and spatial photonic degrees of freedom will be used to surpass the distance and noise limitations of state-of-the-art quantum communication systems.
  Quantum Information Processing with Complex Scattering Media
  Dr M Malik
Application Deadline: 8 February 2019
Control over the scattering process inside multi-mode fibers will be used for designing quantum logic gates and multi-port beam splitters for generating and manipulating high-dimensional quantum states of light.
  Photophysics and photochemistry of “non-natural” DNA building blocks
  Dr C E Dessent
Applications accepted all year round
Over the last decade, a number of alternative nucleobase units have been developed that have allowed expansion of the genetic alphabet.1 For some of these…
  Unravelling the electronic structure properties of functional molecular materials
  Dr F Plasser, Dr Pooja Panchmatia
Application Deadline: 15 February 2019
Functional molecular materials play an important role in modern science, and computer simulations are an indispensable component for studying them.
  Elucidating the Role of Chemical Disorder in a Quantum Spin Liquid Candidate
  Dr L Clark
Application Deadline: 31 March 2019
At the forefront of modern materials research is the pursuit of novel quantum states of matter, in which quantum mechanical effects determine the collective physical properties observable at a macroscopic level.1 A prime example in the context of magnetic materials is the quantum spin liquid (QSL).
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