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We have 44 ultrasound PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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ultrasound PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 44 ultrasound PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

Inspection of nuclear fusion components in high temperature using laser induced ultrasound phase arrays

This PhD project will face the challenges of ultrasonic imaging of nuclear fusion components using lasers to generate and detect ultrasound, remotely and in a series of environmental conditions with respect to temperature for the first time. Read more

Combining laser and ultrasound based molecular delivery strategies for enhanced drug delivery

Overview. This project addresses the critical area of delivering therapeutics to the skin. If successful, the approach will have direct and positive consequences for the treatment of a range of skin diseases, but may also be viewed as a more generic means of drug delivery for treating a much wider range of disease. Read more

Ultrasound Neural Interface

The Wang Lab is a biomedical research laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin led by Dr. Huiliang (Evan) Wang ( Read more

Using ultrasound thalamotomy as an opportunity to understand the contributions of the human thalamus to decision making and learning

The contribution of the human thalamic nuclei to decision making are poorly understood and a focus of considerable interest given their routine use as safe targets for functional neurosurgery in tremor and Parkinson's disease. Read more

Identification and characterisation of liquids using ultrasound and machine learning

This project involves further development of an analytical system for identifying and characterising liquids based on the formation of liquid drops and employing interferometric ultrasound methods to investigate them. Read more

Ultrasound Based Technology for Removal of Scale from Downhole Production Tubing

These projects are open to students worldwide, but have no funding attached. Therefore, the successful applicant will be expected to fund tuition fees at the relevant level (home or international) and any applicable additional research costs. Read more

Utrasound as a healing modality for oral tissue

Project description. Low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) is used clinically in bone fracture clinics to promote wound healing and has been shown experimentally to promote cell migration with potential for wound healing. Read more

Fouling control and cleaning of membrane for water treatment

Supervisory Team.   Yongqiang Liu. Project description. Globally, water scarcity is a pressing issue, affecting between two and three billion people worldwide, as reported by the recent UN World Water Development report. Read more

Investigating a novel exercise intervention in peripheral artery disease

This funded PhD project will be based in the Vascular Physiology Laboratory within the School of Biomedical Sciences. It aims to investigate a novel exercise intervention to improve vascular and functional outcomes in patients with peripheral artery disease. Read more

PhD opportunities in health sciences

Do you have a proposal for research that could make an original contribution to healthcare knowledge and go on to improve the health of our society?. Read more

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